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【 Quality share 】 To do everything, smart bathroom new experience

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-11
Heart love Europe and the United States sci-fi should will be hidden in a dream of science and technology, and even fantasies is the protagonist in the movie, to film technology experience, actually this kind of modern science and technology dream, not far from us, the sanitary ware that Appollo intelligent shower system, intelligent bathroom ark, etc have real practical science and technology.

the intelligence of science and technology change life wei yu big tide has come, as you stand in the frontier, how can we lag behind? The forefront of science and technology, break through the traditional boundaries, the imagination and the integration of science and technology innovation, Appollo sanitary ware has been prepared, to meet the new about sanitary ware.

a, the bathroom ark top traditional Appollo

with the injection, many elements of science and technology as one of necessary supplies in the sanitary ware of bathroom ark, if have ever buy object function that wash gargle, at the same time, also can show it on the phone, music, mist, lighting and other high-tech charm, isn't it more can win the favor of you?

Appollo this bathroom ark that defend bath USES the real wood material, through the rigorous process for many times, is advanced intelligent bathroom cabinet, have bluetooth music, wireless phone, mist lighting and other new technology function, and receive a space is huge, both big bottle of toiletries and cosmetics can easily accommodate a small bottle.

2, Appollo smart bath at a constant temperature

in this era of fast rhythm, came home from work every day, can bring happiness thing can comfortably take a bath, don't need to worry about water temperature, emptying your thoughts, ear sound of music and flowing water, enjoying bathing in the process of slow life, let the body and heart at the same time to relax.

bath, which is different from traditional Appollo this bath crock the wei yu that AD hoc intelligent button panel, powerful intimate, more surfing massage massage and bubbles in two ways, make full use of the combination of water and air, the troubled bubble wrapped body, effectively reduce muscle ache and fatigue, into a state of ecstasy, in a new vitality.

3, Appollo warm bath bully calls new

the comfortable bathroom space is specially prepared for those who enjoy life better, no matter the bathroom area size, bath when we all need a warm and comfortable environment and fresh air, because of our these requirements, so the multifunctional intelligent bath bully became an indispensable part of modern bathroom.

Appollo bath the bath bully USES smart touch system, lighting, hot air circulation, mute for air, intelligent digital display and negative ions purify air, more upgrade automatic shower function, only need to open a button, bath bully will automatically run a number of process, without you having to repeatedly, convenient and hassle free.

4, Appollo toilet new experience life

traditional toilet impression is usually cold, dirty, and the emergence of the intelligent toilet is smart bathroom the further advance of the concept of his own with high-tech, not only in life brought great convenience to people, also let a lot of people for intelligent life have more understanding and experience.

Appollo pursuit of performance configuration has a fever, the sanitary ware that continuation of craftsman vantage spirit in the toilet to join the toilet a new concept, specially added a variety of cleaning function of science and technology and the seat heating design, remote wireless smart 360 degrees, can automatically identify flush urine, do real water saving effect.

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