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Quiet life, colorful future & # 183; Rural series

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-15
Looking at the sky, looking at the wandering clouds, looked at the roadside scenery, ren thought seasky Mercedes, let tired heart on the net to have a rest. Can not live alive too sober, occasionally indulge the freedom of thought, also have not cannot.

the rest of my life is very long, look forward to, ten million crane flock in the air, flying in the air. Or mild, soft, white clouds of flowers and plants, in the new future, you will be happy with your happiness, happiness with your happiness.

although the space and time are quietly changing, but the future is simple.

the minimalist white + high brown

simple atmosphere of the white, is the king of joker series, just like the light of the sun can shine on everything, for all things collocation are unassailable advantage; Noble palm is the embodiment of plain like the hand of nature, and in the absence of the shock people pull you a hand, feel the power of nature, which fully reflects the rural natural comfort. Two colors blend like nature itself, now charm, natural and comfortable.
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