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Sanitary and prospects

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-16
Sanitary ware industry in domestic development prospects from the unknown to clear, enterprise face the new challenges and opportunities has what kind of change, adjust, can survive in the market. The sanitary ware prospects? Let Appollo sanitary ware to simple talk to you.

a, the challenge for the domestic sanitary ware industry

1. Countries adopted a policy of 'detailed', to a certain extent influence the development of sanitary ware industry.

2. brand almost monopolized the senior market abroad, and start to the second - and third-tier cities expansion, influence is very big.

3, China sanitary ware industry itself. Sanitary ware industry system is not very perfect, industry concentration degree is low, less influential enterprise in the industry, and small and medium-sized sanitary ware enterprises.

4, in recent years, rising prices, raw materials also rose, sanitary ware products prices have improved, is beyond the scope under many consumers mind, sanitary ware the product sale under a lot of pressure.

5, sanitary ware industry frequency 'quality door event, facing the good faith crisis. A series of quality door bathroom industry suffered badly hit. In addition, the international trade barriers still exist, which to a certain extent, affect the development of sanitary ware industry in China.

2, domestic sanitary ware industry opportunities and advantages of

1. Channels of housing market regulation and control policy for the sanitary ware industry bring change, this is an opportunity to improve the sanitary ware industry channels, promote industrial structure adjustment and upgrade wei yu, development of a more perfect system of marketing channel.

2. Sanitary ware market of China, there are a lot of blank market. Sanitary ware products in 2 of 3 class market share is low, the market development will greatly promote the development of sanitary ware industry. to the countryside has and household appliances, automobiles, become a new fashion, the countries' west development, 'the new rural construction policy is to provide a big boost. Visible, China sanitary ware market in second - and third-tier cities has a great development opportunity and potential.

in addition domestic urbanization accelerating, the town's rapid economic development, housing completed batch delivery, and the living standards of urban residents and spending power is also rapidly increasing, expect the domestic second level 3 or even 4 city sanitary ware market will usher in a golden age of development.

3. Sanitary ware industry has developed rapidly in China, growing strength, the sanitary ware market pattern has scale. After more than 20 years of development, China has become the world's leading producer of sanitary ware products and formed a batch of influential national sanitary ware brand.

4. Sanitary ware enterprise manufacturing base to China and developed countries led to the sanitary ware industry in our country the overall technology level, management level of ascension, and to a certain extent, improve the cultivation of consumers, in order to promote the rapid development of the industry and strengthen effective preparation and support.

globalization, specialized division of labor cooperation system for China's wei yu provides a good market opportunity, is conducive to China's wei yu at a higher level to participate in the development and competition of global sanitary ware.
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