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Sanitary knowledge: how to make the space is little make result of dry wet depart of toilet

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-12
Do not know to have many friends and small make up, at the beginning when bridal chamber decorates, want to decorate the toilet into dry wet depart, and the size of toilet, had no choice but to give up the idea. But later found, not dry wet depart of toilet to bring life

to much inconvenience. Today, small make up for everyone to sort out a practical even home decoration techniques of dry wet depart. The following quick and see it!

a, through the shower curtain segmentation shower curtain is to dry wet depart between bath is relatively simple and beautiful way, bath crock essential artifact. But the drawback is not effectively cut off steam, water stains spattered to above easy mold, need often clean.

2, through a separate shower door
compared with shower curtain cannot effectively isolate water vapor, shower door is much more practical, more suitable for bathroom with shower. Shower door with glass material, design mainly includes: straight form, diamond form, arc, with what kind of door depends mainly on the shower area planning.

first straight shape shower door, and this is one of the more common type, can make a push-pull type and open type. Whether to install the bath or shower, is very suitable. The door add a piece of absorbent mat, effective isolation water damage.

curved shower door, is sliding door more, only take up in the corner of the bathroom, small family essential artifact. And diamond shaped shower door, like curved door, takes a smaller indoor space.

3, counters are not landing approach
in addition to the door, sink, basin, such as decoration, can also be dry wet depart. It is important to not fall to the ground! Don't come into contact with the water damage of bathroom furniture, corrosion risk, increase the service life, also facilitate clean clean.

the above is the bathroom decorate skill, bring you today want to buy a new home haven't decorate, you provide some help, exiguous in this city, to decorate a warm love the beautiful home!
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