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Sanitary toilet buying class ( 2) # straight strong pattern and siphon type which is better? As well as the matters needing attention.

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-10
The previous period in the classroom that defend bath

to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of straight strong pattern and siphon type

between this period of time to introduce the

which is better, and the matters needing attention

straight strong pattern siphon type which is better?

the sanitary ware that now on the market, siphon occupies the absolute mainstream status. In view of water-saving, be sure it is straight strong pattern slightly - siphon the biggest advantage is to flush the noise is small, the so-called mute. Home a good old man can choose siphon type static. Due to the use of straight strong pattern is powerful moment flow kinetic energy, so the voice of the shock tube wall is not too good, in view of water-saving, it must be straight strong pattern.

if people want to after the toilet flush the shorter, the better, the process of straight strong pattern can be immediate, and siphon flush when the suspension process is also quite embarrassing. But siphon water seal is high, so it is not easy to landscape. No matter choose what method of flush toilet, and laughter will be upset, in view of water-saving, affirmation is straight strong pattern to be a notch above, but if home have a quiet old man is about to consider.

although suction on the combination of water-saving and rinse very not perfect, but in the development of the domestic market is already very mature, and quiet without peculiar smell. So finally choose what style, according to the habits and customs, select your most valued product features, according to the appearance of other factors such as comprehensive buy again.

the choose and buy closestool note

1, in addition to choose water way, learn to identify when the choose and buy closestool quality, choose to own satisfaction a toilet

2, with the hand touch feeling whether there is a toilet surface uneven, how the glaze exquisite and smooth shows that the quality of the toilet closestool is better.

3, closestool is through the high temperature reached the requirements of fully vitrified, some cheap toilet because the cost is not the whole porcelain, phase at the same time a few toilet can weigh their weight, the higher level of the specification of the heavier the vitrified nature, the better.

4, closestool and ceramic tile is bibulous rate, with handle gently knock on system, if deep voice hoarse product is inferior.

5, when choosing a toilet can be hand in touch outlet of internal whether smooth, if very rough internal surface without glaze, this kind of toilet is very easy to leak.

this course end,

if you have any problem that defend bath welcome back message,

we will's largesse.

class wei yu,

we can talk next time!
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