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Sanitary ware agent need how many money? The cost of having a bath shop I need

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-08

In recent years, with personalized, intelligent, customization demand is increasing day by day, the appollo sanitary ware deeply young consumer's deep affection, do you want to be more and more dealers appollo agent that defend bath, so bath agent need how many money, the appollo sanitary ware will be detailed introduction for you. Sanitary ware agent need how many money? According to the city to be decided, and the size of the stores, the specific factors, is not the same as the cost of set up shop in different cities, bath agent need of investment funds is different also. In general, the agency cost that defend bath basically has the following six aspects. 1, brand league: no league agents appollo that defend bath is not charged, but need to apply for the examined to become agents. 

2, store rent: 50 - 200 yuan/square meter sanitary ware agent need how many money, storefront rent is part of it. A second-tier cities storefront rent 200 yuan/square meters, prefectural storefront rent is 80 - 100 yuan/square meters, three or four line city 30 - store rents 50 yuan/square meters, the rent according to the local market.

 3, store decoration: according to the area of subsidies before opening, the company provide free design, according to the brand image stores decorate. After opening, the company according to different area size, have unified standards of subsidies. 

4, samples and stock company does not advocate pressure goods, but in order to better meet the consumer the diversification of products, complete store samples as far as possible, often sell products also need a good stock for stock. 5, personnel salary that defend bath agent need how many money, personnel salary also need to be taken into account, including master guides, delivery installation, salesmen and so on. 6, marketing costs in addition to the above the cost of sanitary ware agent, but also set aside a marketing expenses, to brand in local market promotion activities, such as business activities and so on. 

Why defend bath agent choose appollo? 1, the factory has a history of 19 years, manufacturing strength company, founded in 1996, owns two independent brand ', 'furniture hardware and' appollo whole sanitary ware. In-house research and development, design, production, sales and service system perfect, the introduction of the industry of advanced intelligent, automation, customized production equipment, and establish the benign mechanism of talent training, ensure enterprise of high competitiveness and brand leadership. 2, original product design, and market-oriented, young consumers love company for younger consumer demand for the product design starting point, adhere to the original design, with dozens of patents, won the young consumer's deep affection, in villas, high-end residential, with higher share in star hotel, etc. 3, online support agent nine including new store opening, stores management training support, the support decoration, advertising materials, online support, the support activities, channels, advertising and other support, after-sales service support. Online message, can get the latest product information, investment managers one-on-one agent to guide for you. Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo sanitary ware's official website
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