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Sanitary ware agent which brand is good, four approaches to shower is leaking

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-31
Sanitary ware agent need of wei yu brand has a certain understanding, and the in the mind have a general direction. So that defend bath agent which brand good? Four methods to solve showers leaking problem you know? Appollo sanitary ware is to teach you how to solve.

bath agent - — Problem analysis:

1. Flower is aspersed congestion

shower head with a long time, water will become smaller, because the water quality is bad, soda water, scale deposit in the plughole, cause the clogging in shower.

2. Flower is aspersed coating problems

flower is aspersed coating paint is very ugly, just bought the flower is aspersed soon appear this kind of problem, not only affect beautiful, and it may because of the poor quality of some of the flower is aspersed off paint and cause clogging.

3. Material problems

plastic flower is aspersed may add a lot of waste, not a long service life; Cast iron material of the flower is aspersed, extremely easy to rust. Ugly also calculate, also blocking the outlet, and the shower is broken.

bath agent - — To solve the problem:

1. Leakage of the flower is aspersed to ball head

the solution: first to shower head from moving into the ball ring screw up, find out the inside of the o-ring or similar sealing and will replace it, then put the flower is aspersed head spin back in situ.

2. The flower is aspersed head handle joint leakage occurred

the solution: according to the specifications to choose the appropriate flower is aspersed hose and faucet, rubber ring, and replace it.

3. Shower head in the sand or sediment

the solution: the flower is aspersed head unscrew clean, usable vinegar soak parts when necessary, swab and accessories, attention should be paid to avoid the scratch;

if the flower is aspersed head is adjustable spray, carefully check all movable parts, see if there is excessive wear marks;

if the rotate handle can't smooth move, or internal CAM is broken, it need to change the whole shower head.

4. Shower head fine water into thick mixed

the solution: the flower is aspersed head turn adjusting, if not yet, take a shower head in the middle of a small round cap with a screwdriver to open, open the flower is aspersed head rinse, install reduction again can.

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