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Sanitary ware agent which good? Flower is aspersed to the water leakage, plugging, water mixed degree how to solve?

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-30
Shower shower is each standard products between sanitary ware, also like other sanitary ware products, time is long hard to avoid also can appear a few little faults, so for some maintenance methods of the flower is aspersed gadget we want to know more about, so that defend bath agent where home is good, flower is aspersed water leaking, blocking, water mixed degree how to solve? Appollo sanitary ware manufacturer taught you how to crack the flower is aspersed bug!

flower is aspersed familiar malfunctions

the question of flower is aspersed often out in leaking hose, outlet blockage, and looks clean and so on. Water quality, water temperature, humidity, material is the main reason caused these problems. Among them, all kinds of impurities in the water can sprinkle flowers internal cause corrosion; And sprinkle the water temperature is too high to also can have certain damage; Flower is aspersed hose and surface material and its service life has close relationship.

flower is aspersed repair methods

1, hose and tap joint leakage

possible reasons: the device is not satisfactory, the deformation of rubber ring, uneven outlet pipe joints or too thin, hose and leading don't match.

solution: according to the standard choosing suitable hose and faucet, and replace the rubber ring, from the device.

2, flower is aspersed clogged

may cause: a foreign body, scale, etc.

solution: for metal and plastic junction line, put the water head in counterclockwise wrest, its open, then use a needle to obstruction to emerge.

3, fine water into thick mixed

possible reasons: improper conditioning, foreign body scale.

solution: put the nozzle rotating recuperated. If still not, I put the center of the nozzle a small round cap with xiaoping screwdriver open mouth, put the screw twist by plum with a screwdriver down and opened the flower is aspersed with water scour hole with tooth brush the back of the flower is aspersed, recovery device again can.

flower is aspersed maintenance way to

1, scale removal: every six months or less, the flower is aspersed will be removed in a small bowl, with edible vinegar to sprinkle the appearance and internal water and soak for 4 - 6 hours, and then water mouth swab with cotton cloth quietly flower is aspersed appearance: after loading joint drainage systems from scratch in an instant, white vinegar and scale with the water out, in order to eliminate or reduce the influence of scale to spread, and can bring certain sterilization effect.

2, bibcock plating appearance protection: often a small amount of flour with a soft cloth scrub flower is aspersed plating appearance, then washed with water can let the flower is aspersed appearance light like new.

note: (1) please note when disassembling showers you itself, and the safety of the products; (2) filter gasket or to go, not with mesh is too large, too much may not have the effect of filtering, meticulous may affect traffic, standard with 40 - mesh It is advisable to 60 mesh.

3, to scale, not with acid, lest cause corrosion to sprinkle the surface.

4, please disassemble showers for maintenance, improperly apart can cause damage to product appearance and internal structure.

5, flower is aspersed using the environment temperature should not exceed 70 ℃. High temperature and ultraviolet light will greatly accelerate the ageing of the flower is aspersed, shorten the service life of the flower is aspersed, so the installation of the flower is aspersed as far as possible away from bath bully electric equipment such as heat source. Flower is aspersed not standing in a bath bully, and distance should be in more than 60 cm.

OK, of sanitary agency which good, flower is aspersed maintenance methods such as knowledge is at this point, these small problems themselves also is very OK, simple and convenient also would feel a sense of accomplishment, have you learned?
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