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sanitary ware brand in the era of new consumption rise? From 4 p

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-03

Has always been & other; A hero is known in the time of misfortune & throughout; Rather than & other; Heroes create The Times & throughout; 。 After 80 has become the mainstream of sanitary ware consumer groups, but also gradually after 90 steps into consumption tide, the traditional famous sanitary ware brand still can move consumers? Innovative brand how under the new era of consumer contrarian rise again? Appollo high-end whole sanitary ware in the last few years to keep the 200 & amp; Rapid growth, many times better than the industry growth rate. It is how to do? We're from the nature of the marketing 4 p recognize this is known as the industry's most valuable brand of sanitary ware. 

Products  When the industry is still in homogeneity competition, Appollo high-end whole bathroom first insight into the bathroom needs from the toilet to the function of the dressing rooms, recreation rooms, resulting in the product development is more consistent with the high end to the aspirations of young people. Including women-only drawer, introduce suitable for dressing and bathtub, bathroom cabinet with the function of music entertainment, high-end integrated bathroom every laid the Appollo in high-end young people in the position, give a person with vogue, individuation, high grade mental orientation. In many years of product development, Appollo high-end defend bath to also keep the overall direction, and formed the unique style of products in the industry and sought after by many consumers, real estate developers, distributors. Exhibition of Shanghai hutch defends in eight years in a row, build fair and guangzhou, foshan ceramic fair and other large-scale TTF attending the meeting, the Appollo high-end whole sanitary ware gradually popular. Price Price war is a very common phenomenon that defend bath industry, in order to grab more market share, many brand bathroom common practice is to reduce the cost to reduce the price. 

 But Appollo high-end whole sanitary ware is doing the opposite, focus on quality and price the quality of the balance of supply and demand side. Such as everyone is in order to lower the price and think about how to save the bathroom ark unnecessary plank and shake handshandle, Appollo high-end the overall quality of ascension bathroom to add more drawers, virtually increased the cost of the plate, guide rail, shake handshandle. As a result, the increased cost of course not, don't sell products. On the contrary, cost 1 & amp; , can lead to product value 10 & amp; Rise, for consumers, what they want is not cheap, but high cost performance. 

 Though Appollo high-end whole sanitary ware is slightly higher than normal product, but the price is higher. It is because the consistent high quality, Appollo quality more at ease in the consumers' mind, product value greatly exceeded the consumers are willing to pay the price. Channels ( place) Appollo high-end wei founded at the beginning of the whole, did not attract on channel construction, but first in the country set up branch and retail stores, its purpose is to face to face contact with consumers, insight into the terminal market, to better help dealers.

 Today, Appollo has nine national sales branches, more than 30 retail stores, completed through self-built channels to help dealers this purpose, and formed nine big dealer support system, dealer team growing. And along with the advancement of involving 20 million online outreach projects, it is catered to & other Internet + & throughout; The big trend. Actual results also show that the Appollo high-end integrated bathroom brought offline dealers 10 & amp; - 35 & The performance of ascension. As online interaction patterns tend to be more mature, also is bound to inject more power for the development of subsequent, through online channels of promote each other. Promotion Appollo by establishing the sales branch and retail stores, and master a set of effective terminal stores management mode, through continuous optimization, can be directly copied to the dealer more successful model, called & other; Ternary solid win terminals mode & throughout; 。 

 The model includes how to improve the terminal tube & other; People throughout the &; Capacity, sale & other; Cargo & throughout; Ability, and store & other; Management & throughout; Ability, through the model of the ternary solid win terminals, effectively improve the performance of the terminal stores. Appollo, meanwhile, high-end integrated bathroom in high-speed anti-aircraft gun, toll station, subway, airport and other ads, and cooperation with baidu, 360, the media, the combination of traditional media and new media, as a new consumption age established a broader brand media, for the brand promotion and sales promotion played a very good role in promoting. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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