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Sanitary ware business to make money, clean bathroom products classification method

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-14
For many people, their preferred do sanitary ware business. Because of the support of national policy, there has been a new sanitary ware industry development. The sanitary ware business to make money, clean bathroom products classification methods do you know? Below Appollo sanitary ware factory to sort out the relevant knowledge to share with you.


tools: brush, sponge, neutral detergent

key: rubber water stop is to clean the

of cleaning the toilet brush or sponge, available on the market has sold to neutral detergent cold water or warm water to clean. When cleaning should pay special attention to the edge of hydrosphere and below the water drain, because the two is the place where the toilet shelter evil people and practices easily. Toilet cover dirty, can dip in with cloth neutral detergent to wipe, never use gasoline, volatile liquid rosin water, acidic solvent or hot water to wipe the toilet lid. Another method is to use vinegar instead of neutral detergent, then wipe the flush, so repeated several times. For toilet fill valve rubber water stop, where water quality is not very good easy to aging and failure, must often take out to clean.

massage bath crock

tools: granular detergent

key: avoid using used in ceramic tile or enamel surface cleaners, don't let the cleaner into the circulatory system.

use can be mixed with water and granular detergent to clean the massage bath crock, avoid to use for ceramic tile or enamel surface cleaners. Do not use containers of liquid detergent bathtub surface for a long time, do not use the spray or thickening agent or other similar cleaning supplies. More don't let the nail polish, nail oil and water, dry liquid detergent, acetone, to come into contact with yakeli the surface lacquer agent or other solvents. Corrosive cleaner will stay in yakeli the surface damage, pay attention to clean after each use yakeli the surface, don't let the cleaner into the circulatory system.

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