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【 】 Sanitary ware dealer, how to analyze and find the right brand to join us?

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-13
Sanitary ware industry development has been for many years, after so long of development, industry growing, market influence is also rising, consumers know about the deepening. Nowadays, sanitary ware market become each big city star, in the rapidly developing popular among investors.

then choose the right products and brands is very important to entrepreneurs. That our operators should be how to think, how to analyze and find the right to join the brand?

to understand their situation,

to join should be based on their own fully understand the situation, analyze their own actual situation to choose appropriate own brand. According to its own advantages and disadvantages are divided into the following several types:

1, the problem of type

1) advantage: experienced resource connections, all external conditions.

2. Disadvantage: demand is high, don't want to pay too much energy, easy to earn money.

3. Matching: famous brand is suitable for this kind of person, but to see whether he agree with the enterprise idea, don't ask too much of the enterprise, the enterprise may consider him.

2, civilian

1) advantage: the start-up stage have a certain passion and drive.

2. Disadvantages: lack of strength and experience, for don't know much about the industry and market, the investment risk is big, the early need aggressive support of the enterprise.

3. Matching: choose the general brand, there's only so much money, slowly accumulate experience.

3, star type

1) advantage: rich experience and resources, strength, management ability is strong, the early don't need too much support, familiar with the industry and market, to understand the positioning.

2. Disadvantages: more attention to join the brand profit space, to brand the demand is higher, its industry is more, not a lot of experience to manage the day-to-day operations of the store.

3. Matching: domestic famous brands, manufacturers are favourites for this type of distributor, but such dealer will often choose the brand, and their management will store energy co. , LTD.

4, Taurus,

1) advantage: experienced, joining intention is strong, with entrepreneurial ambition and passion, able to devote, understand the industry.

2. Disadvantage: its strength is not strong, the early stage of the need to support, no independent store management experience, management ability to ascend.

3. Matching: two or three line of domestic brands, the more stable development is not long, terminal node is not much, but have enough energy to auxiliary training management.

don't blindly to find big

many agents in choosing a franchise, tend to be more about a brand, think that the bigger the brand, the more suitable for joining. Actually otherwise, the brand big join factor to consider is, but is by no means will however factor decided to join or not. Some big brands have reached the development peak, although more comprehensive in dealer's support policy, management system more perfect, but because of its large scale, many places are equipped with stores, the market saturation is high, the development of the space is little, maybe there will be production can't keep up with sales.

the current market demand is not a glimmer of brand of the industry. Join the enterprise can choose fast development-oriented enterprises, not only the market space is large, joining opportunities is more, often also has the edge on the brand characteristic.

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join enterprises need to have perfect supporting policies, training system

the enterprise seeks the development, the support to dealers can't light. Join to need to examine whether dealers have more comprehensive supporting policies.

now joined Appollo sanitary ware is not only free to join, and headquarters to give you a free repair, free publicity, such as free training policy, and to send car policy.
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