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Sanitary ware enterprise should give sanitary ware agent 'desperation' hand in hand to win-win!

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-03

Sanitary ware agents as enterprises occupy the market & other; Vanguard & throughout; To expand the group, the enterprises that defend bath the investment promotion work for a while can't stay. However, compared with the investment promotion work, sanitary ware enterprise should pay attention to keep, when sanitary ware agent difficulties, if enterprises that defend bath & other Nice surprise & throughout; , active agents to provide services for sanitary ware, will surely make sanitary ware agent unswerving enthusiast, so both sides can hand in hand and win-win. , market expansion services sanitary ware enterprises in addition to the perfect logistics system cooperate fully with the sanitary ware agent, agent for sanitary ware and timely, efficient product distribution terminal, should also help the bathroom sanitary ware agent to market development work, according to the sanitary ware enterprise overall marketing strategy, combined with sanitary ware agent marketing process, assist agent sanitary ware design wei yu product promotion, marketing, terminal image display activities. Possible, can enterprises that defend bath company's web site, enterprise group, unified printed page publicity brochures, leaflets, product manuals, etc for sanitary agents to promote, maintain sanitary ware manufacturer communication between agents and sanitary ware. 

Through strengthening sanitary ware sanitary ware agent side enterprises launched advertising campaigns, marketing activities, the effects of brand communication activities. 2, operation and management services many of China's sanitary ware sanitary ware agent is started with individual soldiers and they don't have the system operation and management experience, by virtue of the advantage management enterprises that defend bath can help sanitary ware agent to store management, sending excellent management staff to help them to establish scientific management system, teach them the advanced management methods, improving the management level of the sanitary ware sanitary ware agent. The operation and management level of sanitary ware agent, to enhance the comprehensive competition ability, they naturally can help manufacturers sell more product that defend bath. If the bathroom sanitary ware agents with the help of the factory was a greater progress and success, they will have gratitude to sanitary ware manufacturer, have more sense of belonging to the sanitary ware enterprise. The bathroom sanitary ware agent is not easily leave bathroom enterprise and choose another partner. 

Three, staff training, service most of the sanitary ware sanitary ware agents don't have time and energy to train their own staff, of course, more is caused by the training consciousness is not strong. As a result, they especially need the support of sanitary ware enterprises provide staff training. In the technical level, enterprises that defend bath to wei yu the sanitary agents product sales, installation, after-sales maintenance services, exhibition, advertising technology, activities, organizing technical training; On the operation and management, can also send professional management or marketing experts on sanitary ware agent boss himself, the manager, director and his staff for the operation and management of the shop, technical training, improve the comprehensive competition ability of sanitary products agent. Since appollo bath in bathroom industry, consistently uphold & quot; Quality, service, innovation & quot; As the guidance of business philosophy, & quot; 100 service & amp; ” is appollo tireless pursuit, & quot; Swimming in high quality life & quot; Is the appollo bathroom to wei yu the highest state of evolution. appollo wei yu wei yu to taken the advantage of software strong brand support;

 Taken the excellent product quality. U have more comprtitive price; Taken the reasonable advertising strategy; Taken the standard market operation; Taken the perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service; U complete supporting products and advanced product development ability; appollo wei yu wei yu to join u free store design advantages of hardware, including the floor plan, construction drawing, rendering; U business training and after-sales training; Taken the data, store employees authorized card clothing, the national chain number; Taken the storefront renovation costs support; U really, aggressive sales support; Taken the flexible regional advertising support; Taken the continuous tracking and professional business guidance; 

The nine pillars of new store opening, warehouse optimization (1 Don't pressure inventory) 2, activity promotion, The company professional team to help) 3, guide training ( Company resident professional training) 4, decorate subsidies 5, advertising full support 6, store design, 7 8, the high quality post-sale service, team building, Help dealers to establish war wins team) 9, opened package ( Support for the opening cost 2 - 30000). Agents in sanitary and unsettled, if the enterprise can timely rescue, as far as possible to provide the necessary help, this to improve the sanitary and the agent's loyalty is extremely important. Enterprises that defend bath and sanitary ware agent only work together, to achieve win-win situation, appollo high-end sanitary ware, we sincerely invite you to join! Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo's official website
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