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Sanitary ware for your points out toilet decorates 7 big mistake, you have got infected a few?

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-01

We all want to have a beautiful and practical in the toilet, Appollo takes you out of seven pitfalls that defend bath, can pretend to meimei gave birth to the bathroom. 1, water and electricity lines go top or go to: to tell you that decorate it will be decided according to the budget and the actual situation, the general case. 

 Proposal: water and electricity lines should decorate, go as far as possible. Because water and electricity lines to take up space, go to make the space of toilet feel narrow depression. Whole sanitary ware, sewage access port whether stay 2: keep the sewer of the access port, if there will be more convenient maintenance in the future, but the sewer of the access port must be tight, not tight can lead to leaking 2, basin water: what advice basin water into a wall, this arrangement can make bathroom ark a condole ark, can also receive a function. Change of time attention sewer pipe can't be too long or too big, easy to jam. Sanitary ware agent, floor drain shift problem: 2 floor drain shift easily holds the position of the wandering, do not prevent smelly! So at the time of floor drain shift masonry and water electrician to cooperate well. 5, the smelly toilet is what problem: construction must pay attention to the sealing, when play the full glass glue and close to the ground, in the construction of the cases there is no problem. If choose and buy closestool is blank, behind the toilet and ground firm wall joint is not easy to close, may be the smell. 6, shower room from exploding: tempered glass has a tiny explosive risk, in order to avoid this three over one thousand chance, offered to the toughened glass door of shower room the paster, so that even when the explosion not scattered splash damage. investment promotion to join 7 seam, toilet necessary: if sufficient budget suggest toilet do a beautiful seam, also can prevent mildew can improve not only beautiful degree, later won't appear black cracks. Warm prompt: toilet decorates complete functions and practical is the most important.

 Additional toilet waterproof must handle, leaking problem occurs subsequent processing very troublesome, may also need to digging floor tile. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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