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Sanitary ware industry foreground is good

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-11
Sanitary ware market development trend with the beginning gradually ushered in the new development of the real estate market, for sanitary ware market, the economic level, and so did the home economy. So sanitary ware industry outlook is good? Take a look at the sanitary ware that Appollo below. How bathroom industry prospects.

according to the China's overall sanitary ware industry analysis report, according to data in 2017, our country the overall sanitary ceramics permeability is zero percent. 15, is expected in 2018, the overall sanitary permeability will rise to zero percent. 8, the size of the market rose to 2. 4 billion yuan. Industry insiders estimate that over the next five years, the overall market space that defend bath will reach more than 40 billion. As people degree of ascension to the attention of the household products that defend bath, the whole bathroom solutions, a full set of bathroom solutions are becoming popular. Whole sanitary ware more and more attention in the industry and consumers.

the overall sanitary ware market space is large in our country, the overall sanitary ceramic growth, it is as a new generation of young people grow up, different consumption concept before; Second, consumption upgrading under the big trend, people pursue the higher quality of life. Under the action of two factors, the overall sanitary ceramics market demand will be increased significantly, promote industry into rapid growth.

as the change of the mainstream consumer groups, consumers prefer after 80, 90, environmental protection, intelligence, a new type of bathroom products can be customized, prefer one-stop shopping, online shopping experience of choose and buy, it also inspires sanitary ware enterprises constantly upgrading, transformation, on the product innovation, constantly on the sales model optimization. In 2018, in the accumulation of good policies, market, the upgrading of consumption under the influence of factors such as the development of sanitary ware industry will usher in the new opportunities. Future, the overall sanitary ceramics to grow, the lower the price is for sure. But this requires the overall sanitary ceramic enterprises have enough industrial chain of control, through the integration of upstream, midstream resources, to achieve the purpose of the compression cost, thereby giving impetus to the growth of the overall sanitary ceramics market.
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