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Sanitary ware stores bad business? Turns out to be several reasons for this ~

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-04

Sell motionless, wei yu on five aspects: reason one: product shortcomings product forces is the fundamental, decide whether do long long. Have a lot of people say, as long as do better marketing, water can also be sold at auction! Who dare to boast the haikou now? It has been proved that marketing done well, only a short time & other; Fool & throughout; Success; To product sales for a long time, no hard, good product to meet consumer demand, what do you want to be successful than ascend day also difficult. 

 Before a bath on the market, must do market research, so as to create the sanitary ware that consumers like, there is demand. Second, to ensure sanitary ware with high quality and fashion appearance and connotation is rich, etc. Reason two: planning is nothing new planning forces to products with wings of success, no products, no plan! Without planning, shark's fin can only sell when fans! Good product positioning, product concept, can make the products greatly graces, will arouse consumers' desire to buy, good marketing planning, can make marketing process becomes more vivid, more passionate. 

 A good bath and a good creative planning, the bath can not fire! Reason 3: decision-making direction deviating from the decision-making to grasp the general direction, decided to your core model. Direction is wrong, all in vain, in the wrong direction, you will get more deviation, even opposite, it was hard to be successful! Do wei yu boss must have insight into the market, rational analysis, accurate assessment and scientific decision-making ability. Reason 4: execution obviously insufficient executive force is the guarantee of successful marketing. Again good, also to the team to carry out, no team, no Internet, no end, can't, the product doesn't even have the chance to meet consumer. Reason 5: the propagation force couldn't keep up with wine is also afraid of deep alley, no communication, talk about the brand? In China, do marketing needs to spread. Without communication, there is no brand; Without communication, there is not strong-arm reaction. Sanitary ware enterprise boss not only want to spread their product, must have the strategy, systematic communication! Be sure to priorities, highlighting. Different bath, want to use different marketing model, different forms of communication. 

 Appollo sanitary ware supplier to join u strong brand advantage software support; Taken the excellent product quality. U have more comprtitive price; Taken the reasonable advertising strategy; Taken the standard market operation; Taken the perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service; U complete supporting products and advanced product development ability; Painted hardware store design for free, including the floor plan, construction drawing and rendering; U business training and after-sales training; Taken the data, store employees authorized card clothing, the national chain number; Taken the storefront renovation costs support; U really, aggressive sales support; Taken the flexible regional advertising support u continued tracking and professional business guidance; 

 The nine pillars of new store opening, warehouse optimization (1 Don't pressure inventory) 2, activity promotion, The company professional team to help) 3, guide training ( Company resident professional training) 4, decorate subsidies 5, advertising full support 6, store design, 7 8, the high quality post-sale service, team building, Help bathroom accessories dealers to establish war wins team) 9, opened package ( Support for the opening cost 2 - 30000). Make more consumers enjoy the high quality of the life that defend bath is the goal and the pursuit of Appollo. Improve systematic joining support policies, strong brand support, and standardize market operation to help dealers to achieve perfect market possession, Appollo is unchanged, let dealers live, making money is the hard truth! Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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