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sanitary ware to join new opening stores to consider is the problem

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-06

Do that defend bath to join a lot of friends, but the store has just opened when facing all sorts of problems, such as warehouse accumulation inside can not sell a lot of the goods concerned, promotional activities when what should do, their own guides, sales team has not yet been established, the product promotion also do very does not reach the designated position, always feel store design can't meet their requirements, etc. Of one sort or another problem to do join friend broke the head sanitary ware, don't know how to solve. 

 Here is to do a simple analysis to solve these problems. First of all, the first problem is the problem warehouse backlog of goods. In this respect, carefully consider the advice to join. Before joining should learn more about the warehouse optimization, whether head office support. Such as some brands are looking for franchisees that defend bath, there will be warehouse optimization policy, make franchisees don't have to be in their own warehouse backlog of goods, reduce the burden of the franchisees. We all know that although said that defend bath product sales is very good, but a variety of new product that defend bath every year designed, and the achievements of the product is easy to be eliminated, if the warehouse backlog of goods, the serious influence to the joining trader's day-to-day operations. 

 Second, promotion is live just do that defend bath to join friends often feel headache. Because some manufacturers to promote is often not uniform throughout the country, and never before the promotion in advance to inform, this let franchisees feel embarrassed, don't know if I,  should keep a pace with head office. So, before joining talks about promotions must and head office is in order, once have new promotion activities, for the first time and franchisees ventilation, avoid because of sync promotion to affect the normal sales. The last one is to consider the store design. Of course, if is in charge of sanitary ware manufacturer, to join agent will make unified shop decoration design, make store design style to suit your own brand. Good design is not only reflected in indoor environment, and better reflect the culture of the product connotation. Do bath before joining the store design must be fully considered, especially must get support from the head office, such ability can achieve the most satisfactory design effect, rather than simply find a decorate a company to make the design and construction. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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