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Saw these just know home installed so many unqualified sanitary ware

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-01
Sanitary installation is not a simple thing, although a small project but many details, such as toilet installed between sanitary ware is completes the waterproof and drainage, and so on a series of measures, so here is a look at some installed sanitary knowledge and some specification, help the owners are going to decorate decorate.

sanitary and acceptance standard

1. Check the bathroom ark

a, flexible check: flexible check can be performed to the bathroom ark, across the hall and framework, the distance to conform to the provisions of the drawer, and whether activities flexible and frictionless, smooth door is closed, etc.

b, sealing side is strong: sealing side of bathroom ark protection is very important, you can check the cabinet put oneself in another's position and door plank sealing side, whether the bulge, tear, etc.

c, contact closely, mesa and metope distance to seal processing, otherwise easy to cabinet put oneself in another's position and metope before water storage.

2. Check the floor drain

see whether meet the requirements, the water on the ground, to flow to a floor drain, no residue.

3. Check the shower room

shower room should undertake strict assembly process, the shower room is neat and bright appearance, out door and move a mutual parallel, perpendicular, two mobile doors open shut convenient, close without aperture, no leakage.

4. Check the basin or basin

set basin lower part between foot and the ground connection is strong, with silicone seal around the foot when installation, no leakage. And basin is strong, the audience can use wooden fence stability, without the ark of the basin, after application of hob and metope fixed hold basin plate shop is stuck against the wall of the surface make water retaining state board normally for 8 ~ 12 cm; Panel outside should be hung with 10 ~ 12 cm skirt plate, can have the effect of covering the hob, installed against the wall and around the basin that wash a face with silica gel seal, no leakage.

5. Inspection implement

check implement from the pit is reasonable, if the hole is apart from the small tank into the wall, when used will have influence; Implement according to is strong, can use expansion bolt, wood screws shall not be used. Some implement sealing rubber gasket replacement by slurry, around the reoccupy after installation is firm silica gel seal. Implement and tank installation location should indeed. Single location allowed error of 10 mm, verticality permissible error should not be greater than 10 mm.

6. Check the bath

the drain with the water of bath crock mouth direct counterpart in the west. wuxi, avoid by all means use plastic hose connection, against the cylinder under open gutter drainage at the same time. Acrylic bathtubs for human body dynamic load factor overloading and water, and after a long time cause against the wall in a crack, crack so silicone seal must be tight.
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