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Select the four principles of the product that defend bath, will can do a good job - that the bathroom decorates

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
Wei yu is decorated is whole household decorates the battle is the most complex and most can't literally on the part of it. Then how should we do can perfectly play the battle to decorate? You only need to master a few key points. Let's take a look at on the four principles of the product that defend bath of choose and buy! A, first choose the right health sanitary ware to consider furniture and ordinary furniture, most of the need to install and Mosaic or using mud sealing pipe leak proof. When the choose and buy closestool, first to the space to determine whether to choose the size of the pendant, console, or high-tech computer toilet. They all have different benefits, suspension type suitable for use in a small family toilet of the bathroom, convenient cleaning; High-tech computer toilet function diversification, the form is bigger, so only suitable for large space. Main attention to drainage hole is apart from the toilet of choose and buy, confirm the buyers of the toilet pitch at the same time, general with 30 - at home 40 points is given priority to, but there is little also 18 22 cm. Second, do a good job antifouling antibacterial reduce bacterial growth in the southern area of the special climate humid and rainy, so more easy to shelter evil people and practices in the bathroom. So when choosing sanitary equipment, must be chosen with anti-fouling antibacterial material, such as existing of nanotechnology on market, can make the product surface without wool stoma from dirt, easy to achieve the effect of prevention of germs. 3, don't showed must choose and buy high quality shower housing market there are a lot of shower room is on the surface of the product, the price is uneven, some consumers for shower room is unfamiliar, thought the price difference is mainly lies in the design is beautiful, actually is mainly on the material quality difference. If you choose the inferior shower room, so are likely to bring you a very unpleasant experience.
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