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Several details - shower installation note

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Shower shower is one of the important of the bathroom clean, especially in the summer is coming with the comfort of your shower is a pleasure of summer. Only pay attention to detail have a high quality of life. For shower room to tell you when decorating, these little detail, let you enjoy comfortable comfortable shower time. According to the installation of the flower is aspersed to classification, can be divided into dark type shower shower and shower with the lifting rod. Highly related to its installation shower shower, generally dark place of the flower is aspersed outlet nozzle from the floor height is 210 cm, tap switch of the floor height is 110 cm. The rise and fall of another is with the flower is aspersed, installation height in general, nozzle distance out of the water floor 200 cm is appropriate. 1, determine the flower is aspersed installation height flower is aspersed is mainly divided into flower is aspersed and with the flower is aspersed. Resettlement shower shower installation height is metope dark bury outlet center distance ground should be 2. 1 m, shower switch center best from ground to 1. 1 m; But with the flower is aspersed generally is defined with shower out of the water, flower is aspersed installation height best is 2 meters off the ground. The actual installation according to the situation of family height adjustment. 2, protect the bibcock hardware tighten the faucet, careful person will use more thick cloth or plastic film package the faucet nut, prevent waste not tap wrench. 3, pay attention to the internal wall structure on metope should mark waterway, the position of the circuit, avoid drilling pipe breaking. 4, determine the hole spacing and height of the hot and cold water on the general market shower bibcock of cold hot water center hole spacing is 15 cm, it will take two S joint, can adjust the distance, the appropriate error is no more than 1 cm. 5, pay attention to clean up the installation during the installation process will inevitably produce some dust miscellaneous dust, should be in after the installation is complete, shall be clean, especially the new decoration of pipeline inside impurity is more, not to clean pipes will affect the effect of the water. Ensure the clean and rinse again.
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