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Shock! ! ! New Year's day home tap water, don't you change a good faucet quickly!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-15
Faucet is an indispensable product in household life

but with long will appear all sorts of problems

New Year's day home found a great little home faucet water

is tear open come down to see the water nozzle blocking!

looking at pretty clean tap water at ordinary times

the faucet how stuck like this?

why I suggest you buy good faucet,


ordinary tap water so! ! ! By the famous photographer David Littschwager taken. He did the experiment, it's no use a drop of water purifier filter tap water under microscope amplification 25 times, felt like a biosphere, is quite different. But this one seems a little water, contains, fungi, fish eggs, zooplankton, worms, crab larvae and not on some more name ( Outer space? ! ) Zoom in 25 times are so, if the magnified 200 times, 2000 times so what? ( Well, small make up watching the vomiting. 。 。 )

how to choose and buy the good faucet?

1, see: electroplating gloss

surface gloss is very uniform, no burr and porosity, spots without sand holes, cracks and oxidation, touch, basic won't leave a mark, shine brighter.

2, touch: corner joints

coating for 5 - fine tap Layer 7, rounded edges no burrs, sharp edges, and so on and so forth. As main components between seam junction is also very close together, no loose.

3, listening: knock voice

good leader should be the overall casting brass, brass knock up deep deep voice. If the sound is ringing is usually stainless steel or alloy materials.

4, weigh in hand: the weight of the faucet

good faucet main components of the shell is commonly qualitative copper, copper plasticity, easy molding and electroplating, the quality will be good. Is bigger, the proportion of copper in your hands appear heavy solid texture, low density and zinc alloy material, feels more light, so the same size of faucet, you can compare the weight.

5, bian: the material of the faucet

optional choose copper quality first, the second of stainless steel, don't choose the zinc alloy, because of the zinc alloy corrosion resistance, easy to precipitate heavy metals, endanger human body health. We can observe the color of the tap the inner surface to judge its material, zinc alloy tap lumen color is dark yellow with white spots, copper quality faucet lumen color is yellow.

6, try: water foaming degree

fingers touching water, soft water rich foam, foam tap device quality is better.

7, turn: check valve core flexibility

valve core quality is the key to the bathroom faucet, classy faucet valve core technology, handle swing drive the valve core can feel not loose not tight, light, no block.

8, recognition, brand and product certification

when consumer is buying the tap should be for the brand, so you can get better after-sale protection. In addition to the sales personnel should also ask for products inspection report, determine whether the product is qualified.

the faucet and how to maintain?

1, do not use any grinding cleaner, cloth or paper cloth; Do not use any detergent containing acid, polishing abrasive or coarse cleaner.

2, water mouth surface should be (often with soft cloth Without impurities) Use detergent to be wiped gently dipping, avoid group or with a hard particles with wire wool cloth, etc. , in addition, must not clash with stiff objects so that surface water mouth bruised.

3, use the following cleaner to remove heavy mask and debris: mild liquid glass cleaner, pure clear liquid glass cleaner, contains no acid, no wear and tear 'soft liquid or dissolve powder, no polish grinding solution.

4, in the water pressure is not lower than 0. 02mpa( Is 0. 2kgf/cm2) , in use after a period of time, such as found water yield decreases, and there are even water heater flame-out phenomenon, can at the outlet of the tap gently twist the screen cover, remove impurities, generally can recover.
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