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Shocked, toilet slip top - was the old man accident

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
Age growing, parents don't seem to, accidentally fell down, no longer like the young we, stand up, patted the dust, do not have a thing. Old man fell down, is likely to fracture, then get out of bed and even cause more serious consequences. Authorities issued an international popular, the most common cause of death among them 'accidents' of the sixth, further analysis found that over 65 women died of old man accident cause of death in the second. In 2016, 20% of the old man had fallen experience, and most of the accidents are in the bathroom. Some time ago, a friend, a 70 - year - old old mother had a fall in home, because her father slipped in the bathroom, old mother hurriedly stretch out his hand to pull up, result oneself also follow to fall. Why will become old man killer toilet? Toilet as the wettest place in the home, is the place that we use most frequently, bearing wash, toilet, shower three big functions. Many decorate toilet both, ground water for a long time, there is a huge problem is the dry and wet slippery ground, slip damage was caused by the primary cause of the accident. Every time out of the shower, the bathroom floor wet man everywhere, plus the bath dew use, such as easy ground smooth, fall into inevitably happen. Clothes have to carefully, afraid to stand fell, believe that every family must face, especially the elderly and children more be especially careful. How to design a suitable for old people to use the toilet, to ensure the safety of the space defending bath of parents, become a more pressing needs of the children. Create a dry wet depart, for the parents to join the toilet facilities for design, can truly bring parents full attention. Basic way is to dry wet depart, dry wet depart the bath area and other functional areas divided toilet, bath when the old man in the shower room, shower room glass partition to block foreign splash water bath, let toilet other area keep dry, can avoid the ground water, wet ground causes fall can be solved. Walk the bathroom installation auxiliary armrest moves outside the toilet door to choose to open the door or the door, convenient pass in and out of the old man. Interior wall can install auxiliary armrest, walking by the elderly physical strength is limited, can assist armrest, walking home and families with elderly people under the age of 75 are adised to consider the installation. Next to the toilet to install handrails, position setting off the toilet 15 ~ 30 mm wall, convenient old man after using the toilet, conveniently hold handrail, supporting the body to stand up. Toilet before place mat, slippery, reduction of the old man standing behind the center of gravity be unsteady, cause falls. Can design at the edge of the armrest calling device to prevent unexpected, can timely call relatives. Shower room power dry wet depart the old household to design simple and practical, avoid too complicated, so we are choosing shower room styles, especially pay attention to the humanized product design and safety. Simple circular arc handle soft fluid, in line with the artificial design, greatly improve the comfort of using the old man can put bath towel, clothes, convenient brush after a bath, dressing, without having to get out of shower room outside, at the same time avoided the old man fell down the hidden danger of collision sharp objects.
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