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Shower room, 'armor' warriors guard you forever!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-04
Between wei yu, though the space is little, still want to in the limited range as far as possible let it became more comfortable, but every time I take a shower everywhere is wet, the winter is good summer 1 to what of, feel oneself have to go to take a bath, so think of a way to put the water vapor up! ! ! ! The dry wet depart is a good choice, dry wet depart how to do? Let Appollo wei yu tell you today.

wet partition, is to separate toilet, convenient, and shower function of toilet, overcome ever cross water use defects caused by reducing toilet metope, ground water. Used to wash and shower spray 4 splash, finished bathing water vapor is very heavy, often need to wipe clean to avoid because of wet and breeding ground for bacteria. To wash gargle and 'convenient' separation reasonably, make both each other.

there are several kinds of wet partition way, such as partition and shower room, shower curtain, half of which is simple and practical method is to install shower room, put the bath area separated alone. Shower room is usually set in the inside of the toilet corner, keep the area outside to dry. The variety of shower room, plane shape of a square, rectangle, fan-shaped, diamond-shaped and so on, according to the size of space, commonly used square shower room size is 800 - - 1000mm。 If the installation bath crock, can take glass is cut off or vitreous sliding door. Small toilet bath shade can also be installed, but the waterproof effect is poor.

the dry wet depart of toilet, make different space is used for place each, each other, considered the subtleties of life, to the lavatory greatly the life of people, improve the quality of life, is the basic method to design of modern sanitary ware.

do you want to do wet depart toilet, the answer is yes, but can small sanitary ware want to do? Of course I can.

Appollo bathroom shower room contracted modelling follow design, characteristics of appearance: line is agile, contracted fashion, through deeply bright, durable like new. And its whole line is very agile, contracted and fashionable modelling can almost match modern various decorate a style; And high quality toughened glass in addition to soil resistance is strong, is also on the vision fully bright, can maintain lasting bright and clean, does not hinder the overall space between wei yu vision.

high quality glass, on 304 stainless steel rail

USES high quality toughened glass, good safety performance, reduce the risk of broken glass and explosive, better care for his family safe. Adopts 304 stainless steel on the guide rail, better offset shaft screeched rubs when shipping advise.

deadened the noise of shock absorption orientation block

closed absorption force effectively, implement security positioning

the handle fashion, details close

select stainless steel handle, became a focal point of the whole space, not only feel better when sliding door, also let a space a more delicate and fashion. Seiko casting, pure manual grinding polishing, noble quality, high-grade durable.

no water at the bottom of the design of the

in the shower door set at the bottom of the water chute, can be collected when the flower is aspersed straight at splashed water on the glass door, and guide them to the shower room, so as to better achieve the dry wet depart. Simple design, easy to clean, no water.

Appollo bathroom shower room as an 'invisible' coat 'armor warrior, stands in a corner between sanitary ware, not only to create a more comfortable comfortable shower environment for everybody, also reduced the other corner between wei yu is not affected by moisture.
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