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Shower room can not only see the choose and buy modelling, details is more important! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-20
When shower room of choose and buy not only depends on modelling, more important appearance with details. Now there are a lot of young people place more beautiful and fashionable, also pay attention to appearance fashion, shower room but when shower room of choose and buy, materials and the rationality of the design and details of things that need more attention. The style of shower room has a lot of, when the choose and buy to find suitable shower room and bathroom area size. In the process of choose and buy, need to pay attention to the exterior coating finish and tonal, more check the flatness and transparency of the panel and frame of hardness, etc. At the same time also to consider the color, the color of shower room most is white, two kinds of bone, and yellow, blue, silver and other colors, generally should choose color like lavabo, sit implement, such as sanitary ware. In the structure that consists of a frame with no border two, stable structure, solemn appearance, can choose according to his be fond of. To identify the environmental protection material is very important to choose acrylic material of the consumers of shower room should note that some yakeli board used in glass containing methanol, become one of the toilet pollution sources. To distinguish the method of acrylic material is to look at shower room interior, if the back of the acrylic is not the same as positive, more rough, that is belong to the compound yakeli board. And even acrylic, its bearing and durability is different, consumer also should be rational to choose when buying. And reasonable according to the room of choose and buy all know shower room area is small, need only 3 to 5 square meters can be installed. Now in the market of shower room corner shower room, is the most common type of these two kinds of shower room, choose which style, but also according to the pattern of the toilet. Before decorate obligate space in the market for shower room is the smallest shower room, can buy need in four to five square meters of area, double shower room requires 10 square meters. The height of the toilet cannot be lower than 2. 2 meters, consumer is when the choose and buy, not only pay attention to the area and height, also note to measure and planning before decorating.
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