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Shower room decorate misunderstanding have? 4 - big considerations must be attention

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Bath at home immediately after work has also become a kind of great enjoyment, not only ruled out a whole day's work tired, but also more comfortable for both mind and body, but as people pursuit of sanitary ware culture growing, design a simple and practical in the bathroom shower room has become a kind of fashion, of course also can better enjoy the comfortable, shower room decorate misunderstanding what then? Shower room decorate misunderstanding what 1, shower room, generally speaking, the most practical shower will be much more practical than bath crock, so there is no part of the head of the household is very bullish on the shower, but this kind of dress up easy to leave a large amount of water damage or soap stains, time grows, the hardware of inferior will rust, it will also increase the explosive probability of toughened glass, so if it is for private use, suggest to spend more money to do a explosion-proof processing. 2, good effect of shower curtain dry wet depart most people think that the shower curtain is best used as a good way for wet partition, not only affordable and easy to clean, but it is important to note that stone sill want to have a certain height, and the shower curtain should be lower than the thresholds, in this way can in the shower to bath shade to the stone on the sill, show a perfect effect of dry wet depart. 3, Mosaic is beautiful and easy, it is well known that this kind of style of dress up though adornment effect is good, but product prices and operating costs are relatively higher, if want to install a towel bar or other plants, must want to use the method of playing expansion screws, cannot use a suction-cup, at the same time because of the Mosaic shelter evil people and practices easily, so should be set it in a dry area. Shower room decorate the matters needing attention: preparation before ready to dress up, be sure to will be required to use the tools ready ahead of schedule, so that in the operation not has floundered. Note: installation of shower room is decorated after the basin that wash a face to prepare the required materials, planted, to the basin that wash a face to all parts of the combination is good, at the same time to ensure that the bottom of the basin and no stain, and then according to the distance, the basin that wash a face and the floor drain through the hose firmly connected to each other. Shower room decorate note: test after being face basin, installed, the water in the will to test, to ensure smooth running water, in the test, be sure to ensure the experimental operation of normative, once found that water cannot flow, should immediately to reinstall. Note: installation of shower room decorate aluminum must first clear orientation of the holes for aluminum and on metope with mark mark, then using the drilling of artefacts, must pay attention to the depth of the hole at this moment, finally will colloidal particles to knock into the hole, use screws to fix aluminium strip on the wall, glass clip to lock in the hole again, with screws.
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