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Shower room 'four steps' of choose and buy, held a favorite home - easily

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
Shower room can build the perfect bathroom dry wet depart, let you have a clean and dry the space that defend bath, is the first choice for urban youth. Selected but it's not so simple shower room, shower room of blasting cuts, shower room explosive things such as has repeatedly occurred, let us a little intimidating, so how to choose and buy shower room became the main points. To introduce the choose and buy of a few private collection tips, expect some help to you! Currently on the market according to the function is divided into intelligent shower room and shower room simple shower room; According to the style can be divided into rectangular shape, one glyph shower room shower screen, shower room, shower room sector of circular arc form, diamond shower room; According to the open methods are divided into sliding door ( Move the door) And open the door. According to the custom method is divided into general customization and unconventional customization. A select, functions of intelligent shower room is much more than simple shower room shower, faucet, roof, chassis, A few simple shower room is equipped with) , bath, such as if with a steam function, and can be referred to as the steam shower room. The shower room is the biggest advantage is intelligent style is consistent, but the price is also high. If you enjoy leading the fashion and decoration accounting enough, just as well choose intelligent shower room, a side can sauna SPA, Internet, play games, listen to music, take a bath recreational. Intelligent relatively simple shower room, shower room function simple and easy, just have a shower, offer no intelligent shower room is expensive. Simple shower room two choose depends on the individual function and physical condition. Intelligent shower room more suitable work, study pressure big, sleep less, and the health of the people use for a long time. Second, style, choose relatively circular and rectangular shape is the most save a space, can directly device in the corner, more appropriate, small family between wei yu. Diamond to take up the space is larger, the visual sharpness, contrast the space that defend bath right slightly larger families. Third, open the door method selection in contrast with the sliding door to open the door more save a space, quoted price are relatively cheap, apply to the space that defend bath, relatively small family. When choosing such open method must attach much importance to the pulley, the bearing the weight of the weight of the whole activity door, if quality closes nevertheless, small noise, after weighing the pulley wear due to uneven glass from exploding. Flat open while occupy space must be, but style and easy, more advanced, if the space that defend bath and decoration accounting OK, choose such claims. Must pay attention to when choosing hinge, hinge relationship not only with the door light or not, more is bearing the weight of a component. Hinge is better to wear resistant stainless steel mirror fine buffing, copper, aluminum, chrome plated.
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