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Shower room glass can get the best effect - so clean

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
Since the emergence of shower room, brought a lot of convenience for people's benefit, especially to reasonably divided into bathroom sanitary ware pattern, can even do not take up too much space area, you just need to a corner of the bathroom to create their own bath area. All kinds of benefits make people fondle admiringly of shower room, so will go to building materials market to buy a favorite shower room products, but what to do when need cleaning can keep clean and bright? Here are the shower room to say for you! 1, if you have any fouling on the glass of shower room, we could start with vinegar and a little salt mixture to clean, can immediately put the fouling cleaning prick. We can also use toothpaste to clean, it is: the glass coating with toothpaste again first, and then use the toothbrush to clean again, use warm water to wash the glass again can. 2, can use first clean lavatory spirit to clean it again. In the usual time should also pay more attention to keep clean, such as daily use your shower shower nozzle wash it again. 3, a glass of water first even first sprayed on the surface of the glass, then use a dry soft cloth to wipe clean, can achieve a better cleaning effect. 4, for the water damage of the glass room, you can go to the supermarket to buy a suitable home shower room the size of the glass door glass blowing ( Supermarkets, plastic or metal stents and handle on embedded rubber strip, length must be with his family almost the length of the glass shower room, is too long will not be convenient) , with glass blowing after washes the bath to shave off the glass of shower room, do not need a lot of time, also easy. 5, for the yellow stains on the glass shower room, you will need to use glass cleaner spray, reoccupy does cloth to scrub can if brightness is new. And shower room parts using hardware accessories, cannot use cleaner, in order to avoid corrosion on the surface, the best way is to regularly use dry cloth to wipe, clean.
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