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by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
Wet partition of life concept to drive the sales of shower room, bathroom home in most big cities are now using wet partition. In recent years, however, the number of news about the shower room glass blow itself up, turned off many families. Three over one thousand, is our country, the explosive rate of glass shower room. Unfortunately, this means that if we become one thousand individual among the three, not just a tragedy? , but also who unfortunately you will not become 'winners'. So some undesirable businessman began to make public opinion: the thicker the glass shower room, its robustness nature is strong. Many consumers believed that the thicker the toughened glass, the better, is it true? Why is toughened glass blow itself up? Toughened glass explosive and its related impurities nickel sulfide content in the raw materials. The lower the content of nickel sulfide, glass, the more pure, means that the explosive rate will be lower. Glass of nickel sulfide, although with the naked eye can not see clearly, to do absolutely pure glass, also is not an easy thing, and the cost will be very expensive, and can not adapt to the market demand. In addition, since the shower room with a lot of factors, such as the installation does not reach the designated position, will bring certain influence to temperature, humidity, etc. The thicker the glass shower room, the better? Shower room glass thickness, and its robustness nature is strong, but if too thick, also be counterproductive, because the thickness of glass on a little more than 8 mm brand shower room factory is very difficult to achieve full toughened, so once the glass is broken, and will have sharp surface, thus prone to cut the risk of the human body. , on the other hand, because of the thicker the glass, its thermal conductivity is the worse, so the greater the possibility of glass bursting, because glass from a major cause of the explosion is caused by uneven cooling in different region, so from this point of explosion-proof glass should be as thin as possible. Moreover, the heavier glass, the more heavy volume, pressure is too great for hinge, profiles and the service life of the pulley will be cut short, especially cheap shower room mostly use poorer quality of pulley, so that the thicker the glass instead of the more dangerous! And toughened glass is good or bad depending on whether the toughened degree, formal metal production, light transmittance, impact resistance, heat resistance and so on. Copper, stainless steel, aluminum with best use of their own! Shower room USES the metal materials are mainly copper, stainless steel and aluminum alloy. From the cost and the cost consideration, the three class is in a low price. However, this does not mean that it must have the best pure copper, three kinds of material has its specialty, cannot treat as the same. For example, aluminum plastic is very good. Shower room of guide rail are usually of aluminum in the mold pressed out, can be more subtle and complex structure model, the same hardware, made from stainless steel and copper are not necessarily come out, or to use pure copper to make the same model, on the cost is very high. While stainless steel is often compared with pure copper as a comparison. On the performance, stainless steel is better than pure copper. The surface of pure copper plating can achieve the mirror effect, and the metal colour and lustre is bright and pure. And the colour and lustre of stainless steel still cannot achieve the brightness of the pure copper plating. Pure copper has not only high gloss finish, also more stable, not easy to rust spots long, also not easy to hang water, better cleaning. However, stainless steel products to win in the price.
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