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Shower room of all kinds of hardware fittings has what effect? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
Now many people in the room that defend bath to forge a shower room of their own, you know that shower room accessories hardware have what? Today let small make up to you about it. Hardware accessories used in shower room is copper and stainless steel, the use is 59 # copper and 304 stainless steel. Wall chooses 59 # copper clamp, hinge, the hardness, flexibility, one of the best, high bearing capacity, effective guarantee the performance and service life of shower room, although the cost is high, but the service life is long. Plating thickness of 11 um copper fittings, and through acid salt spray test for 24 hours, surface plating quality level is above 10, long-term use of surface, no black spots bubbles, delaminating phenomenon such as shower room chooses all stainless steel materials for the industry's best 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel fittings was chosen to open mold design, accord with the standard 304 stainless steel materials, the use of advanced processing equipment, to achieve mirror effect, and has strong metal texture. Component classes: eccentric wheel TTL PXL, bounce, swing round BDL, double pendulum double DBSL, bounce TTSL, YGL, waist drum, waist drum wheel two-wheel YGSL; Single, double, four hanging, yuanyang hang, etc. Accessories: stainless steel bearing pulley series, bearing steel bearing pulley series, rust mixed roller, metal and plastic auxiliary parts. Non-standard bearings, stainless steel ball and metric system precision bearing steel ball. Bathroom shower room hardware accessories material and function, aluminum alloy box is light silver, silver sand, a dumb choice of silver, brushed, can match the same color aluminum alloy and low basin, glass has two kinds of optical glass and blue glass. Sanitary and showering equipment style diverse and increasingly delicate, not only different kinds of bath crock modelling, material performance, sinks the modelling of change, shower, toilet, in the form of the rich diversity of style, receive ark. Sanitary equipment selection should be personal habits and function using needs to consider, in addition, the distribution of the space is divided into the evaluation factors affecting the choose and buy. For the size and distribution pattern of, choose wei yu the modelling of it becomes very important. When considering the style of sanitary equipment, besides to emphasize their own aesthetic preferences, collocation of the space, the fusion of color, etc. , are also the main points of the evaluation. High hardness, strong bearing capacity, good corrosion resistance performance, at the same time beautiful and high-grade, easy maintenance, long service life. And a lot of shower room manufacturers, USES is 202 # stainless steel, corrosion resistance is poorer, the service life of the affected, some factories in order to make the 202 # stainless steel surface doesn't rust surface electroplating, the quality couldn't compared with the 304 # stainless steel. At the same time for 304 # stainless steel a hard machining is difficult, high cost, some manufacturers use copper plating parts more.
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