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Shower room small doohickey of choose and buy, grasp the choice high quality product without pressure! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-20
Busy and stressful modern urban life, a warm home can bring everyone the most relaxed leisure time. But how to make the home become warm and comfortable? As long as the master a few tips, you can easily create a pleasant home. Shower room small make up for you from the house decorate to decorate household and so on a series of fashion information, help you have relaxed and comfortable life. The shape of shower room is usually symmetrical arc segment, and square, diamond, etc. , such as sliding door, folding door, shaft door, into the way points with horns to enter or single enter type. Angle to enter the biggest characteristic is can expand the usage, can make better use of limited bathroom area, square diagonal shape, arc spray, diamond-shaped shower room is such, is applied more style. The shape of the shower room of choose and buy to refer to the size of the toilet and directions. Most people like to choose translucent shower room, but the traditional conservative ( For example, the old man) Will accept the fabric type opaque shower room, thus depends on the family preference. Shower room advocate material for toughened glass, toughened glass quality differences, authentic toughened glass carefully see a faint pattern. When buying a shower room with steam function should focus on the steam engine and computer control panel. The steam function is the core of the steam engine, if the engine does not pass, not take long before the bad. Computer control panel is the core part of shower room. Due to the shower room of all the function keys are on the computer board, once the computer board out of the question, the whole shower room cannot be enabled, so must ask when buy steam engine and computer board's warranty time. The skeleton of shower room is usually made of aluminum alloy surface make pensu processing, not corruption, not rust. The main frame aluminum alloy thickness in 1 best. More than 1 mm, not changeful form. Door of the ball bearing must be flexible, convenient and close, the screw is made of stainless steel, all hardware smooth degree, must pay attention to scratch is not fun in it. The shower room chassis zoning cylinder basin of high and low two kinds. Can sit with cylinder type, suitable for a family of old person or child, can also be a crock of multi-purpose, laundry, water, etc. , but make health trouble. Low basin is concise, the price is too low. Chassis quality glass fiber, the force that press a gram, emerald three, emerald fastness is best, dirt clean easily. The board that at present shower room place USES basically is yakeli, there is some compound yakeli board used in the glass contains formaldehyde, easy to air pollution. To check if the way is: on the back of the acrylic board and face are different, coarser, belong to the compound yakeli board. Some yakeli board use time is too long, for example, can produce discoloration, some tiny crack, this is some brand of shower room is expensive, and some cheap main reasons. Shower room must buy from formal channels of choose and buy, want to see a brand, not covet is cheap, some brand is a high-end shower room, looks beautiful, many function, it is 3 without the product, the quality is bad, easy to rust, heat is not, even glass crack will happen.
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