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【 Sink 】 In detail, work in quality!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-11
In this hot summer, the wei yu that Appollo buying guide to bring us the kitchen sink, making notes on the blackboard, ready?

a, the size of the sink of choose and buy watch

when the sink of choose and buy, first to the size of the measurement under their own hutch ark, according to the size of the cabinets to select suitable water tank.

2, sink of choose and buy watch style

1. Single basin sink

small single slot is often a small kitchen family choice, while big trough basin is larger, can wait for big size for the pot, basin, use more convenient, comfortable, modelling is belong to the unconstrained style.

2. Double basin sink

the area of the double basin sink to be slightly larger, again is on lower right small, can a wash the dishes, a pot dishes, can achieve separate clean, healthy and more humanized.

3, sink to see quality of choose and buy

the quality of the sink is mainly manifested in the tub and water system, the sanitary ware that Appollo tub adopts 304 stainless steel sink, more anti-rust durable compared to the 204 stainless steel, etc.

Appollo bathroom sink water system more prevent jams, prevent leakage protective effect, such as, the counter-attack taste to drain more unobstructed.

4, sink of choose and buy watch

the function structure of a single sink, therefore can also be considered when the choose and buy some products, such as soap liquid device, filter water basket, etc. , can greatly improve the quality of life and portability.
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