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Sit implement water effect logo in a week, make water become a way of life

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-02
Grew up when they heard the advertisement in the call for saving water, but we did not meet the water shortages, why do you want to save?

do you think the years static good, actually someone carry something for you.

water resources present situation,

the world:

human really able to take advantage of the freshwater resources is part of the rivers and lakes, and groundwater, only 0 of the earth's water. 26%. At present, more than 1/6 of the population, about 1 billion people worldwide lack of water. Experts estimate that by 2025 the world population will exceed 2. 5 billion.

in China:

China's total water resources of 2. 8 trillion cubic meters, also is not very balanced, regional distribution of water resources, the area south of the Yangtze river basin and its land area of the country's only 36. 5% of its volume accounted for 81% of the national water resources; Region, north of the land area of the country's 63. 5% of its water amount accounts for only 19% of the whole country.

only 2300 cubic meters, China's per capita water resources is only a quarter of the world's average, is one of the poorest countries in the world per capita water resources.

save water, you did it?

but in daily life, the waste water is amazing. It is estimated that one doesn't close tightly faucet, can flow off 1-1 months 6 cubic meters of water. A city if there are 600000 faucet doesn't close tightly, 1 year can cost hundreds of millions of cubic meters of water.

as a result, it is necessary to master some water-saving little common sense. To save water in our daily life there are four types of methods:

one is to reduce the flow of water: such as substitute koubei water to brush your teeth; Intermittent water shower instead of running water shower; To immerse to fruits and vegetables instead of washing shower for a long time.

2 it is to reduce the number of water, such as the concentration to reduce the number of laundry washing clothes, a small amount of clothes washed by hand instead of machine wash.

the three is to improve the water use ratio, such as the water that clean out rice water the flowers, wash the dishes, such as water washing a face brush.

4 is the use of water-saving products, such as installing water-saving faucet, water-saving toilet also is the good method of daily water saving.

let water become a way of life

the wei yu that Appollo initiative to solve the effect of water saving and water balance issues, with an average of only 4 litres of water to achieve super scouring effect, can be a than the national water conservation standard greatly saves the 36. 6% of the water, the water is much better than the national standards and regulation, the efficiency of water use level green energy conservation and environmental protection and practical perfect union.

Appollo whirlpool bath is made of super flush, rainbow percussive power washout pollution not nicked the union human nature dual water-saving button, large size with the big key, small with a small key, all-round is rinsed clean.

toilet water is large in domestic water, water saving toilet environmental protection not only, still can save everyday expenses from the source.

to promote efficient water-saving products, improve the efficiency of water, water saving technology progress, to enhance the water saving consciousness, by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Water Resources and quality supervision, inspection and quarantine jointly organize to set up the 'water effect identity management method', 'sit implement water effect logo implementation rule' has been, so far, has been implementing the one year anniversary.

the wei yu that Appollo responded to an appeal by the state environmental protection, in order to help more and more attention to environmental protection of the family to use water-saving closestool, developed the sanitary ware that Appollo average water use 4 litres of water can achieve super flush effect of water saving toilet.

Appollo sanitary ware products through the national water effect of identity authentication, through the water effect for the record, the wei yu that will motivate Appollo continuously intensify research and development, add brick to add tile for the global water conservation enterprise.

Appollo the sanitary ware that has been hard for water-saving

science and technology to build intelligent water-saving products,

to advocate water conservation

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