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Small flowers with water, water is a lot? You have no right!

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-30
After a bitter work a close shave, if go home to have a comfortable bath, eliminate exhaustion of a whole day, it's a let a person think of happy things. Warm water mixed with bubble bath dew, through the body, stress, fatigue, anxiety can release bit by bit. Slowly close your eyes, and can miraculously recover comfortable and carefree ~ said to the flower is aspersed, I have to admit, it really can to a large extent, decided to take a shower of happiness.

floor is too high, you know sometimes live on water from water pipes don't come, only a tiny flower with water in the home, shower, like toothpaste, tired and didn't matter! Especially in the winter, if take a shower of water flow is too small, can only be wrapped in a bath towel stand shivering under the shower, think of sad. The usual loading large flower is aspersed, vertical flow type. Because of unable to spread around, and water pressure are already in short supply, dozen in the body has no strength. And water consumption or two to three times of ordinary flower is aspersed, pressurized water expensive meat pain!

actually, comfortable and carefree, the want to bathe a strong hydraulic, large coverage area, and a good little flower is aspersed not water. So today Appollo share the sanitary ware that gives you a multifunctional thermostatic shower, bath is simple ~

thermostatic shower or constant temperature water the flower is aspersed

the built-in high precision temperature sensor automatic perception of hot and cold water temperature and pressure

and according to the set temperature fast automatic mixing of hot and cold water ratio

in order to reach the set temperature and constant temperature water

moments on the human body comfortable temperature

strip can flush the

don't need to repeatedly adjust

more water-saving 50%

don't let a bath life problems

learn to enjoy in the busy

for himself and for his family

'bath' heart by

to life more exciting
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