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Smart bathroom new concept, the advantages and disadvantages of intelligent sanitary wares, me!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-12
The future must be a smart one, we should be proud of living in such a good time and pride. Below Appollo sanitary ware factory is simple to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of intelligent sanitary wares.

the concept of intelligent sanitary wares:

smart bath refers to the difference between the traditional metal ceramic sanitary ware, such as electronic, digital and automation of modern science and technology applied to the product that defend bath, realizing the function of the product that defend bath and strong efficiency, improve human health and comfortable sex, convenience bathroom experience.

the advantages of intelligent sanitary wares:

environmental protection: the traditional sanitary waste water resources phenomenon, such as tap water, toilet flush water caused by the romantic problems such as many times, intelligence become the key to solve the problem of water resources and romantic sanitary ware, in terms of water saving, intelligent sanitary play an important social responsibility. Appollo sanitary ware has been officially used water effect logo, water effect logo marks the state of water saving is becoming more and more attention.

convenience: the difference between traditional toilet, intelligent sanitary wares not only embodies in appearance design and lifestyle that defend bath, also fully embodies in the use of the function, on the start button operation, intelligent sanitary ware is easy to operation, a custom function, users can customize according to individual bathroom habits preset model. Small make up think convenience is a very important part of intelligent sanitary ware, intelligent sanitary embodies people's pursuit for a better life, the width of the intelligent will make people's lives, disguised increase the quality of life, make life more meaningful.

human: intelligent toilet highlighted intelligence, automaticity, a variety of functions such as automatic temperature control, disinfection sterilization, cleaning, massage, warm, lighting and so on many functions in one, providing clean comfortable [efficacy and good experience.

security: intelligent sanitary ware of the machine power and heating parts multiple security protection measures, eliminate safety hidden trouble, using three plug floor drain cover the power cord, effectively prevent leakage cause harm.

smart bath drawback:

in a wide range of intelligent sanitary ware are often equipped with a button operation panel, or are equipped with a button to a remote control in a wide range of, for children and the elderly is difficult to operate, if wrong operation may not be able to successfully reach such as water, heating, deodorization effect, and even fault may cause the product itself.

smart bathroom although than traditional bathroom has a great progress, but there is also a need to be further improved, consumers can choose according to actual needs, after all, the prices are much more expensive than traditional bathroom intelligent sanitary ware, it is also restricted intelligent household is a very important aspect.

Appollo wei believes that the future must be smart in the future, the development of science and technology, the progress of technology, the integration of resources can make smart is more and more into our daily life, the wei yu that Appollo ten big brands will also try to gain a foothold in the intelligent sanitary ware market. With the development of economy and the rapid progress of science and technology, people living standard is increasing day by day. Intelligent household products has become more and more new consumer choice, take Appollo bathroom smart bathroom, intelligent operation benefit millions m.
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