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So choose safety shower room, are you still afraid of it security is high enough? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
Are you still worried about the safety of your shower? Are you still afraid of shower room will explode your family? Do the following, your fear will disappear. The safety of the safety shower room besides depends on its own quality problems, also have come from the people themselves to shower room did you watch the choose and buy and check. 1, aluminium strong enough: aluminum thickness must be 1. More than 3 mm is unqualified, less than 1. 3 mm is inferior product. 2, glass is hard enough: if the glass thickness and hardness is not up to standard, is extremely easy to explosion, it is best to choose laminated glass of shower room, because the security of the laminated glass several times higher than the safety of the common glass. 3, slippery course is smooth enough: if the slide rail is not smooth can cause pull hard, and in a strong pull stress non-uniform stained-glass Windows, explode. So be sure to choose mobile smooth, long service life, the slippery course of can be replaced periodically. 4, handle enough security: handle does not have edges and corners best choice, because the angular handle is easy to bring home children or old man a safe hidden trouble. Also need not too hard and will be more comfortable after use. 5, floor drain to prevent: floor drain remember to collect, because inside the shower wash your hair, hair will inevitably have some, if not in time to deal with, and filter it will easily happen jams, problems such as the taste. These five did you do? If you do the safety of the safe shower room can fear? In fact our own security can also control it, you picked the right, that's safe ~
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