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Split type, even the postures, hang a wall, implement there is always a suitable for you!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-04
Believe that most people know that the separation and even toilet, toilet and many beautiful toilet with hang a wall, and no tank one-piece may also lesser-known, actually these slightly personality both in design and use toilet is a great experience. In addition, the toilet drainage way often for consumer attention, but it is difficult to distinguish which species. Appollo knowledge of wei yu presented a toilet, unriddling for everyone.

in drainage way points: drainage way of toilet is needed when choosing priority, mainly divided into the line type and wall type toilet, toilet wall toilet is suitable for wall type.

1, the wei yu that Appollo platoon type toilet

to row type toilet is our more common type of toilet, drainage way is down. Through the embedded pipes in the ground, the sewage discharge. Fission, conjoined sit implement belong to this type. Its advantage is easy installation, can choose the style of toilet. Drawback is that the main drains is through the floor, so in the Canon often hear the sound of the neighbor flush toilet. Upstairs pipeline leaking, can also spread to the downstairs of households, affect normal life.

2, Appollo bathroom wall type toilet

wall type toilet, in the outlet of the wall, now part of the new building has begun to adopt such drainage way. Wall drainage way was altered from building drainage structure, the pipe is not through the floor, but in the same floor transverse laid, then focus on the pipe out on the 'three links'. This way there will be no traditionally brought by the row of 'your flush my house listening to' awkward problem, more won't appear on the lower level between the leakage. Because do not need through the floor, there will be no large pipes inside toilet, users don't need to hide the pipe specially do take cover engineering.

points: according to the overall structure can be divided into separate toilet, even, hang a wall.

1, the sanitary ware that Appollo separable toilet

split type toilet is a separate toilet water tank and base, because of its separate fire water tank and base, waste not fire space, forming rate can reach more than 90%, so the price is relatively low. Two-piece toilet generally adopt strong fall type water, water level is high, the momentum is large, relatively difficult to jam, but also larger than other types of toilet flush noise.

advantages: low prices, the impact is strong, not easy jam.

weakness: the general appearance, take up the space is large, strong water noise big, not easy to clean, water tank leakage risk.

applicable family: budget is limited, and the toilet style request is not much, use frequency is low.

split type toilet appearance modelling is more traditional. Take up the space is large at the same time, it is not easy to rely on a wall, the gaps between the tank and the base to form health dead Angle, is not easy to do, to accommodate the stain even produce mildew, affect beautiful and health. Independent of the water tank of water requirement is higher, the water quality is poor, sealing ring aging can lead to water tank joint leakage problem.

2, even sit implement the wei yu that Appollo

even the toilet is a two-piece toilet product improvement, the whole fire water tank and base, not separate. Due to fire volume increase, so the rate is low, its shape is only reached 60% 70%, so the more expensive relative to the split type toilet. Conjoined siphon type commonly used toilet water, low water level, water has little noise. There is no gap between water tank and the base, easy to clean. Can choose the style of a lot of, can satisfy different decorate a style, is now the mainstream type of toilet.

advantage: various styles, easy to clean, strong water less noise.

disadvantages: siphon water relative price is too expensive.

applicable family: to implement the modelling and function has certain requirements of consumers.

3, Appollo the wei yu that hang a wall implement

hang a wall implement originated in European countries, is made up by the concealment type cistern and implement, in recent years gradually popular in China. Hang a wall behind the toilet will build by laying bricks or stones wall, all sealing in the wall of pipeline, the installation cost is quite high. Save a space, convenient cleaning are its advantages, has, cut off the wall at the same time, water will significantly reduce noise.

hang a wall for toilet wall drainage way ( On the wall outlet of the toilet) Toilet, some new USES wall drainage area can be easily installed. If toilet is drainage way, then you need to change the course of the drain or in a similar drainage, geberit instruments such as S bend guide installation is relatively a little trouble.

as for stability, hang a wall of the toilet is a steel support, instead of a toilet, so as long as the proper construction don't have to worry about. Because of the water tank is embedded type, hang a wall sit implement the water tank and water quality requirements have strict requirements, the overall price is very high. Into the wall of water tank should be precise installation at the same time, should by professional and technical personnel to operate.

advantage: save a space, easy to shift, beautiful appearance, strong water noise is very small.

weakness: the price is expensive, of high quality and installation requirements.

applicable family: the pursuit of high quality life or minimalist consumer can choose.
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