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Squatting pan with good trap or not to take?

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-28
In the choose and buy of the squatting pan, we are most worried about is open, if the poor drainage, three days two head, really let a person can't stand it. So some friends to have a trap squatting pan have doubts, worry that crouchs implement emission performance is bad. Here you will learn about the crouchs implement together as we really take not to take the trap? What kind of good? 1, the working principle of trap is the use of bend, forming a & other; Water seal & throughout; , can deposit a certain amount of water, have the effect of water seal every smelly, prevent the backflow of sewage odor. Without trap squatting pan structure for straight-through, smell is easy to return. Squatting pan trap general size is: length: 585 mm * 470 mm * 296 mm wide. 2, the role of the trap is to prevent the inside of the pipe waste odor into the room, generally in the pipeline laying of building itself will set the trap, crouch own trap is actually gave a double insurance. 3, with the height of the trap crouchs implement ideal should be in 250 - 280 mm range, high-grade brand crouchs implement to achieve 300 - 320mm。 Depth of the volume of this size range includes squatting pan, the height of the defection ( The diameter of the drains determines the defection of curved total height) That the two depth ( Height) How high adopted standards, not to do, Thin) How high do. 4, squat toilets are clogged with trap? It depends on the severe not serious. If it's not very serious, Standard is water can quickly seeped away) Words, there is a toilet on the market is soft plastic plug, it closely cover tube, then trough the appropriate add water seal, and then pull on deformation using air pressure, under the general once or twice can dredge. If more serious, Standard is a basic don't ooze water go) , it is necessary to use pipeline dredge pipe, through the rotation with the hand, drive the other side, which will pull out the things to the pipeline. Usually narrow toilet, ventilation performance is not so good, so the deodorization properties of sanitary ware to have certain requirements, squatting pan trap have such similar functionality.
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