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Stainless steel shower room VS aluminum shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-13

The shower room is one of the protagonists of the bathroom, and people generally have to consider it carefully when buying it. However, due to the lack of knowledge in this area, it is still easy to buy suboptimal products. In the shower room, stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials are used more, but how to distinguish between them is a headache. Below, I will take you to deeply analyze the difference between stainless steel shower room and aluminum alloy shower room.

1. Material difference
The inner and outer frames made of alloy, with glass and other hardware accessories, the main material of the shower room is aluminum. The quality of aluminum is different for different companies.

2. Corrosion resistance
Stainless steel shower room is better than aluminum alloy shower room in corrosion resistance. Because, in the process of using the shower room, the shampoo, body wash or other cleansing products used have more or less acid and alkaline. There will also be corrosion to the material, and stainless steel that is not corrosion resistant will not be a problem, but the surface of aluminum alloy will have a corrosion reaction.

Besides, it is not a day or two days to use a bath room. After a long time, the oxidation reaction of the material and the air is relatively better for stainless steel. Of course, for some manufacturers, the stainless steel material is not 304, and corrosion will occur after a long time of use. phenomenon.

3. Above the appearance
The current stainless steel shower room is clean and simple and has a strong metal texture. Now the stainless steel material of color steel has been developed on the market, which has changed the situation of the single color of the process; while the aluminum alloy shower room has more color changes and more changes in manufacturing appearance. After using electroplating on the aluminum alloy shower room, more fashionable features can be guaranteed.

4. Insulation
If the indoor conditions are the same, the insulation effect of the stainless steel shower room and aluminum alloy shower room is basically the same.

5. Above the price
The price of stainless steel shower room is higher than that of aluminum alloy shower room, but the service life is much longer, while aluminum alloy shower room is more cost-effective, and you need to pay attention to maintenance.    

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