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Such a smart toilet, have you ever seen?

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-26
According to the personage inside course of study introduces, intelligent toilet because of its advantages, trust widely in the western countries and Japan and South Korea and other places. The intelligent toilet exactly what are the benefits do, today the wei yu that Appollo list some advantages of intelligent closestool to everyone, let everyone know about the intelligent toilet how powerful!

1, the wei yu that Appollo intelligent toilet all night long he

smart toilet with functions of purge, warm water rinse anal play, can massage acupuncture points around anus department, especially in the strong point, help defecation. Warm water into the anus, lubricating bowel, make defecate unobstructed, for constipation, lodge and patients is the Gospel. The sanitary ware that has a massage cleaning function of Appollo intelligent toilet is so capricious, is so let you every day is so relaxed and easy!

2, defending bath of Appollo intelligent implement to reduce the incidence of hemorrhoids

as the saying goes, the ten nine hemorrhoids, love to drink to eat hot, lack of exercise, keep the posture for a long time company boss, white-collar workers, drivers, students and other people are easy to suffer from hemorrhoids. Think of the days on pins and needles, daily bowel movements on the toilet, a dry stool or constipation, cause wound burst bleeds. The toilet is wiped, lighter and could not net; Less effort, then the pain.

have love hip washing toilets effectively clean the hips, significantly reducing bacterial growth for you bring you disease, effective for 'chrysanthemum' area to prevent hemorrhoids disease, pain remission of the toilet paper to wipe, warm and comfortable, clean and convenient. To say with 'friction' levels!

3, Appollo intelligent toilet that defend bath to reduce women's disease

clean and care, is important for women's health. Appollo sanitary ware has gentle woman washing toilets, independent women special nozzle for a better cleaning method. Women wash for independent design of soft warm water to clean the nozzle, the flower is aspersed type double clean and prevent infection, in order to improve the washing effect, and have the effect of comfortable massage, invigorate the circulation of fitness, give women more safety and considerate caring toilet.

4, defending bath of Appollo intelligent toilet healthy intestinal

scientists always think intestinal simply organs of digestion and absorption, but the new study found that intestinal larger is the one which has the function of immune organs. When bacteria, chemicals or harmful substances into the intestinal tract, intestinal barrier will kill, protecting intestinal health. Such as reduce the intestinal immune function, intestinal bacteria, toxins will be transferred to the intestinal outside, gradually spread the whole body, healthy body will get hurt.

Appollo set bath care cleaning function of the intelligent toilet, wash before, can massage acupuncture points around anus, lubricating bowel and softening and decomposition dry agglomerate of move bowels, help defecation, solve constipation, enema detoxification, in a timely manner to clean up the intestinal tract of harmful substances, very strong!

5, the wei yu that Appollo intelligent toilet toilet no longer afraid of the cold winter

cold season, cold tactility chilling toilet seat. And intelligent toilet cover the sanitary ware that Appollo sunshine boy seat can be heated to the human body the suitable temperature automatically, the adjustable temperature heating intelligent toilet seat, you can be adjusted according to individual be fond of or geography and weather, make you the toilet feel more warm and comfortable in cold winter, share your worries and troubles in the winter was cold on the surface of the seat. On warm care and endless love, no longer afraid of the toilet the cold feeling.

Appollo defending bath of multi-channel technology innovation, to water saving, low carbon environmental protection for the concept of science and technology, to create intelligent, environmental protection, health, sanitary ware products.
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