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Such human sink in!

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-27
With the improvement of the quality of life, the consumer is buying now sink, sink in addition to considerations of practical, cost-effective, it remains to be seen whether its design humanization. Appollo sanitary stainless steel water trough in integrated after the various needs of consumers, continuously modify the design scheme, finally design out the customer satisfaction and high praise degree very high stainless steel water trough.

Appollo sanitary stainless steel water trough, pure manual polishing process. Manual sink of big thickness, weight, and impact resistant ability; USES the high quality 304 stainless steel, high quality material, the quality is more reliable. These two points are directly determines the tank will be longer service life.

Appollo sanitary stainless steel sink basin with the cutting board and drop more humanized, cutting board can be directly card buckle cutting dishes in the sink, save a space, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall basin features of waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall and greatly improve the efficiency of the kitchen.

Appollo sanitary stainless steel sink with smoked pull bibcock, can achieve full tank cover, multiple cleaning, make cleaning more follow one's inclinations.

the sanitary ware that Appollo non-stick oil processing on the surface of the stainless steel water trough, farewell greasy feeling, make cooking experience more comfortable. At the bottom of the anti condensation coating, can prevent the condensed water; Sound deadening mat design and largely reduce the noise.

because of the humanized design, the Appollo bathroom sink is becoming more and more popular with customers. Appollo sanitary ware brand, absorb advanced technology at home and abroad, is committed to technology, insist on technology innovation and market actual demand in the first place, meet the requirements of the users and the use of clean environment.
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