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Understand the shower room immediately, make beautiful bathroom! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-17
Today, shower room has become one of indispensable to every family bathing necessity, so installing a suitable shower room is necessary for the modern people, so what kinds of shower room? The following brand shower room - — To spread to you. To understand the kinds of shower room division from the function, can be divided into simple shower room and shower room these two kinds of shower room. Simple shower room is the most common products, and can be tailor-made according to the actual situation, but it can only achieve the effect of wet partition. And the whole shower room can realize the versatility that defend bath, generally less order. Simple simple shower room shower room is made of glass, water retaining and a combination of hardware fittings, the link between each other together, can firmly lock water in an independent space, in addition to the shower area, are still dry. Simple shower room has the most basic function - — Split between the wei yu of dry and wet areas. Actual situation and still be able to customize, can achieve a variety of different shapes, different styles. Overall shower room shower room generally with fixed size and style is given priority to, with a control system to operate a series of functions, so basically is rare custom. Overall the quality requirement of shower room is more strict.
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