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Water-saving toilet? Way of water-saving toilet flushing and sewage have? 99% of people don't know!

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-24
In the household water, toilet water use is bigger. Survey pointed out that the relevant departments, the toilet is one of the larger source of domestic water, the water consumption accounts for about 40% of the total. That is to say, each pay 100 dollars for the water, there are 40 dollars, had been washed clean by thrown into the toilet. So more and more consumers more pursuit of water-saving toilet, manufacturers have also pays attention to research and development in the toilet water saving efficiency, the consumer how to choose good water-saving toilet? Way of water-saving toilet flushing and sewage is how?

a, see ceramic glaze

enamel material good, toilet bibulous rate is lower, and the surface is not easy to hang dirty. May feel will hand in drainage pipe, pipe wall whether or not to bring a smooth glazed walls. Appollo defending bath of guangdong high temperature porcelain classy article, the entire pipeline uniform glazing, not easy to hang dirty easier to wash, more water!

2, toilet water saving certification

look for China's water-saving certification icon, launched in 2002. August 1, 2018, China will implement the toilet water effect logo implementation rules, Appollo sanitary ware products took the lead through the national water effect identity authentication in the near future. Through water effect for the record, the sanitary ware that will spur Appollo continuously intensify research and development, the cause of global water add brick to add tile.

3, installation and after 24 hours using the

big sanitary ware generally provide door-to-door installation services, goods, before and after, left and right hand to check the toilet level position and drainage facilities are appropriate, 24 hours after use, this also can let the product water saving efficiency is higher. Appollo sanitary ware, make the product more water!

4, toilet flush way

water is clean, is an important indicator of judge a toilet, the toilet on market, divided into type and siphon type.

straight strong pattern is to use the gravity of water to wash away dirt, straight strong pattern of toilet pipes to a few bigger, easy to wash away the dirt from the bulk. Toilet flush of straight strong pattern is said to be loud, the differences between, the size of the water sound related to the height of the water tank, water tank is higher, the gravity of water, the greater the force, the greater the sound is ringing, for conjoined sit implement, cistern with matrix together, not high, where the water won't loud.

siphon type is not only by the gravity of water, also depend on the pipeline to wash away dirt, formed in the vacuum suction of the siphon toilet pipes, pipe is longer, the siphon piping design of good or bad, directly affect the implement of momentum, a good design of siphon, after water, they make a loud siphon pipe sound.

on the basis of the siphon, and derive two water ways, siphon jet and vortex siphon, injection siphon is across from the outlet of design a jet, by the gravity of water jet assistance to wash away dirt.

vortex siphon is in implement the outlet of the inner cavity design some rotation, through the rotation of the water inside the cavity is rinsed clean.

5, sit implement way of sewage

implement way of sewage have two kinds of wall and ground row, wall is inside the wall embedded sewage pipes in advance, sit implement any outlet at the back, connected directly to the drainage pipe inside the wall, the wall type, on the market besides hanging toilet use, other products are the basic way to row. To row sit implement below, outlet of the toilet take before I can buy their own home effluent discharge from the pit, simple said is the center to the wall outlet of distance, from choosing the right sit implement according to the pit.

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