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Wei for the second leg of the small classroom implement and squatting pan which is better choice

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-17
According to the previous article for everyone to explain in detail the implement and the advantages and disadvantages of squatting pan, this time to introduce in the home life, is to choose the toilet or squatting pan, its advantages and disadvantages? To be a all moments.

the advantages and disadvantages of 01 installation toilet


use implement the toilet compares energy, leg bear ability is not big, weight transfer way to implement, so for the elderly, pregnant women and weak people is very convenient.

implement fashion and beautiful appearance, can decorate collocation and a wide variety of styles, and is suitable for young people wanting a.


implement the biggest drawback is not health, especially in public places using toilet 'panic'. The toilet easy with bacteria, parasites, etc. , it is easy to cause infection. Urinating in addition if use the toilet in the home, the boy is easy to spill urine in sit implement along, is not very clean.

implement although can make toilet posture is very comfortable, but can be 'wrong' our defecate, easy to cause the bowel movement.

implement price levels not neat, some toilet prices as high as tens of thousands of yuan, many times the squatting pan. Implement relative to other crouchs implement jams, leaking, damaged more easily.

due to the use of toilet toilet easy, so a lot of will to extend the time of the toilet, the ashdodites easily.

the advantages and disadvantages of 02 installation crouchs implement


due to the use of squatting pan toilet, we keep the next crouching posture for a long period of time, is a very difficult task, especially for the elderly and the fat person. So it is helpful to reduce the defecate time, complete the poop as soon as possible, to reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

according to scientific research, next crouching posture than sitting posture is more advantageous to defecate, make defecate more smoothly, especially constipation, use the implement is not easy to defecate, may cause constipation worse.

use squatting pan, we are not directly in contact with it, you can reduce the rate of infection, more safety and health.


for disabled elderly, the obese, pregnant women, squat toilet is very difficult. Would all of a sudden dizziness after next crouching, accidents may occur.

next crouching posture toilet, if too hard may cause anal fissure, rectocele.

is squatting pan and implement which good, this can be according to the actual circumstance of different owners, introduces the advantages and disadvantages of the two, you should be able to measure which is more suitable for home use.
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