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Wei small class sit implement the first round, and the advantages and disadvantages of squatting pan

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-21
About the installation design of toilet in the home, many owners are confused is choose to install toilet or squatting pan? Between the two which is better?

although each have each good, some people like to sit implement, some people like squatting pan, today to introduce you to the toilet and the advantages and disadvantages of squatting pan.

implement the advantages and disadvantages of 01


comfortable, intelligent, noble, magnificent! Sit on the toilet is very convenient, don't have to worry about the legs hemp, and at the same time of the toilet, can also play with mobile phones, such as reading, surfing the Internet. It's work entertainment. Even constipation also won't feel legs hemp acid, especially suitable for the elderly or pregnant women in the home, can reduce the inconvenience of stooping down or up.


prices higher than squatting pan, intelligent toilet becoming popular in China now, its price is high.

is only suitable for use in the bathroom space larger environment, another is involving Chinese toilet retain the previous traditional habits and health problems.

the advantages and disadvantages of 02 crouchs implement


economic, health, practical, save a space, give a person the sense with their feet on the ground. Crouchs implement suitable for bathroom space is small and the layout of the room, especially small to install toilets will affect to open the door, the fashion a squatting pan is the best choice.


sometimes because toilet space is small installation crouchs implement, under normal circumstances shower and squatting pan is very close the distance between the two. So when I'm taking a shower, because sometimes close your eyes, and, because of the slippery in the soap or body wash, one not careful, foot slipped, and easily falling into the abyss of squatting pan.

especially children and women often have to pay attention to this kind of situation, and an example of this in the news is also very common.

today, just like you to explain so much first, about the toilet and squatting pan which is better choice, to realize how things, see next time!
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