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Wei yu investment make money? 2018 sanitary ware industry prospects

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-17
Good prospects for now, sanitary ware, along with economic development, people pay more and more attention to the life, so, sanitary ware industry foreground is good. So wei yu investment money, sanitary ware industry prospects? Appollo sanitary ware to specific analysis.

sanitary ware is an essential part of modern home facilities, with the improvement of the living standards of the masses, the growing of aesthetic ability, more and more demand for sanitary ware products, more and more high quality requirements, in the real estate industry has become, under the influence of factors such as sanitary ware industry has a very broad space for growth! Among many investors and entrepreneurs see opportunities, come to join us. Sanitary ware market is growing at the same time also usher in the growing competition, entrepreneurs must learn to grasp the present and the future development direction of sanitary ware industry!

Appollo learned that defend bath, along with China's rapid economic growth, urbanization accelerates, the continuous improvement of residents' disposable income, China's bathroom products market scale from the rapid growth of 108 billion yuan of 2014 to 2017, 169 billion yuan. In addition, in terms of the ceramic sanitary ware, massage bathtub and SPA pool is an important part of has a huge market in Europe and North America. Around 2014, massage bathtub and SPA pool is about 33 sales. 310000; In 2018, is expected to reach 68. 980000 units.

at the same time, the permeability of China ceramic sanitary ware products from 45 in 2014. Rapid growth to 7% in 2017 to 59. The improvement of 3%, while the permeability will effectively promote rapid growth of sales of ceramic sanitary ware products.

in domestic ceramic sanitary ware market, ceramic products, part of the toilet is bigger, ceramic implement sales amounted to 382 in 2015. 9. 2 billion yuan, accounting for 48 Chinese ceramic sanitary ware market. 4%. In addition, the ceramic face basin is the second largest product part, in 2015, sales of 284. 5. 6 billion yuan, 2016 - In 2021 China sanitary hardware sanitary ware market demand chain project and investment consulting report pointed out that with the development of economy, healthy environmental protection became the trend of the mass consumption, TaoWei in order to get rid of the three top hat, energy conservation and emissions reduction is imminent, stainless steel hardware industry under the new form is becoming more and more tend to be more green and intelligent. And sanitary stainless steel hardware products as a modern luxurious life's iconic products, it into every aspect of people's life.

now environmental resource protection is becoming more and more thorough popular feeling. So water-saving and environmental protection has become the consensus of the whole industry development that defend bath! Along with the progress of science and technology, intelligent sanitary ware has visibly, entered the ordinary people family, saving water is one of the advantages of it! in the today, people increasingly pay attention to the quality of life has also become a kind of enjoy cultural products, will be more attention! Sanitary ware has become the people in the family life important prerequisite products! Market prospects!

Appollo defending bath of new technology, high quality products to build a strong brand, outstanding design team and production team for clients to build noble taste, secure and comfortable, contracted and not simple individual character space. Appollo sanitary ware brand, quality and service, the national investment promotion, hot invite to join in!
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