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Wei yu is popular with young consumers

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-22
Today is 80, 90, after the era of mainstream consumer, they seek not cheap, but the product of comfort, when the choose and buy the product that defend bath, natural favor big brand sanitary ware products, sanitary ware agents have seized on this kind of consumer psychology to promote products.

are popular with young consumers agents for sanitary ware 'fat'

80, 90, after the mainstream consumer age

'my site, I decide', this is 80, 90, after the motto. They are willing to spend money, they would be willing to pay for fashion. After 80, 90, in the process of the product that defend bath of choose and buy, will be integrated into the more pursuit of personality, and reflect their brand of fashionable, free and avant-garde. And bathroom industry product homogeneity is more and more serious nowadays, so enterprise want to get the favour of consumer groups, after 80, 90 more should set out from their own products, design a more original personality products, to solve the problem of existing products in the industry short board.

the agent have contend for 'fat'

the consumers no longer as before bath product at a lower price so worship, as consumer consciousness enhancement makes them began to pay attention to the environmental performance of the product, the condition of energy conservation and so on, so in high-grade sanitary ware products on the market's popularity is growing. So the agent to pursue the enthusiasm of the brand defends bath product agency is a wave of high a wave, and even some agents with low fees is to get the brand enterprise of the agency, especially the single agency is very precious can also let the agent's fame will increase.
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