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Wei yu prospects how, the future development of toilet products

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-26
Future development must be tended to intelligent green sanitary ware market, in the same way about the future of the toilet products, too. Then how about prospects sanitary ware, the future development of toilet products? Appollo below the sanitary ware that a wave of the actual analysis show it to you. The advantage of intelligent toilet cover: clean and massage, prevent bacterial infections, hemorrhoids, constipation, prevent cancer, care for pregnant women, protect obese people, the old man, prevent constipation in children. Recently, there are specifically for smart toilet cover evaluation report on the Internet, through the experiment concluded:

1, smart toilet cover automatically flush, rinse clean can

2, in the process of the intelligent toilet cover flush water splash to hip skin will not be polluted

in addition, installation also is a big problem for the popularization of the intelligent toilet cover. Because of the complexity of the technology has certain, consumer is difficult to install themselves, typically require professional installation workers on-site installation, due to the domestic market has not yet universal, after-sale installation workers problem such as the number of less, not professional, has brought the consumer experience greatly.

after seeing the great potential for development of intelligent toilet, sanitary ware enterprises began to itch to try, want to go into intelligent toilet industry pie. But the traditional bathroom industry for the intelligent toilet is closely related to the electronics industry is not natural advantage, many companies need a smart cover plate production enterprises OEM cooperation with professional, and then combined with the ceramic body.

on the other hand, home appliance giant has aimed at the intelligent toilet market, depend on the research and development advantage of smart home, be a strong candidate for the market. The domestic market will be the first in the future market, competition is gradually strengthened. And in the process of the competition of smart home, will emerge a variety of crossover of enterprises. Just like traditional bathroom is faced with the threat of home appliance giant, traditional home appliance industry is also being Internet giant gradually invasion, have you noticed the two television has entered the white-hot stage? At the end, only the superb technology and good consumer experience is the magic weapon of the successful enterprise.

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