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Wei yu the installation technique of shower room

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-16
Device bottom pot: good combination bottom parts, regulate the bottom basin, basin, pelvic floor without water. Hose with the interval distance of elasticity, the pelvic floor and floor drain cohesion stronger; Inspection, maintenance: installed needs to check, let the water go everywhere. Four, find, punch: with a pencil, level decided by aluminum wall drilling bit, with impact drill holes.

device aluminum: in the hole type colloidal particles, and use screws to lock aluminum bar on the wall; Fixed glass, glass clip will be closed on the bottom of the hole, then use screws; Pipe jacking device: find the corresponding position above the fixed glass drilling, ( Straight mouth/bevel) Fixed and connected pipe jacking. With curved pipe sleeve should be fixed on top of a glass.

device shelf: accurate position measurement device shelf, tighten nut, layer board fixed layer plate glass, insist on straight and level. Pay attention to under the fixed glass aluminum do waterproof; Device door: the hardware installed mobile door, install the hinges on fixed door hole. Installed to adjust axial position of the lotus leaf, to shut the door handle to stop.

to waterproof: in accordance with the requirements beside the glass surface or below the good suction or block water strip. The aluminum with silica gel and wall, glass with bottom seams basin of thick seam; Debugging, fastening: check whether the parts using the comfortable and smooth, found that the problem should be timely adjustment. Adjust after tightening the screws, corresponding to the whole shower room is increasingly strong. Finishing homework: will decorate article aluminum card into the wall aluminum, neat appearance and generous. Need to use the whole shower room is swabbed clean dishcloth.
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