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Wei yu to join in the bathroom ark business good do? How to choose the bathroom ark?

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-24
2018 sanitary ware industry as a whole are thriving, many people feel that the business good do sanitary ware, also want a piece of thought to other product development, such as the bathroom cabinets, hardware and other products. So that defend bath to join bathroom ark business good do? How to choose the bathroom ark? Let the Appollo sanitary ware factory will teach you how to choose high quality bathroom ark.

the bathroom cabinet surface can be divided into natural stone material, artificial stone, fire prevention board, paint, glass, metal, and wood, etc. ; Base material is the main body, the bathroom ark cover the quilt cover material. Bathroom ark chooses at present, the market mainstream base material is waterproof board, this is the selected wood raw material after crushed into powder, after the special craft processing and become a 'rigid' plate. Waterproof performance is superior to the ordinary fiber board, is the optimal + choice of high-grade bathroom cabinet.

Appollo sanitary ware summarized the trick of choose and buy the following:

1, for ordinary families, the bathroom ark choose to hang a wall, cabinet legs higher or with wheels, so that we can effectively isolate the ground moisture;

2, to understand the metal piece is after moistureproof processing of stainless steel or special aluminum bath ark, to know whether have the wet resistance;

3, it is necessary to check the bathroom cabinet hinge opening. Opening Angle of 180 degrees, can more easily take put items;

4, when choosing bath ark style, to guarantee for the maintenance of in and out of the water pipe and valve open, don't leave after the maintenance and overhaul of trouble.

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