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What are join condition that defend bath, sanitary and how to choose

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-25
For many people who want to venture to join wei store is a good choice, but also very upset that defend bath to join, so for the sanitary ware industry is still in wait-and-see state, and not to enter. So what are join condition that defend bath, sanitary and how to choose?

1, choose bathtub to think twice before

sanitary ware products very much, and bath crock is most people are like, but the bathtub is not imagination of so good, if your bathroom area is not large enough, then don't buy the bath is better, because it is being a very large area. And also less at ordinary times used, dirty and clean, very trouble.

2, how to choose to implement

we all know that toilet is main sanitary ware, bathroom are usually good quality toilet appearance lubrication clean, smooth, so also easy to clean. So we in the choice implement when, you can use hand touch toilet appearance, if the toilet of glaze and body are very delicate, so that the quality of the toilet is better. If choose the high temperature burn toilet, can want to quietly on the toilet with the hand, if the percussion voice hoarse, not loud, that means there are likely to be toilet inside crack, the toilet not to buy it.

3, as far as possible choose ceramic

now toilet sanitary ware are mostly ceramic, the material is better, good clean, color is light. Especially the sink, of course, it also has glass, although the material looks good, but after all is not professional, it is easy to choose the inferior products, so don't buy glass.

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