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What are the common bathroom cabinet size summary of bathroom ark is a standard size

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-30

Bathroom ark is the main bathroom furniture, modern household bathroom toilet bathroom cabinet appears not only satisfy demand, the bathroom place other people of whole toilet adornment effect also cannot be ignored. Each toilet bathroom ark installation for bathroom cabinet size have more strict requirements, the bathroom cabinet that suitable size for a family is to combine practical with adornment, so what size of bathroom ark? Each family toilet size is different, so when choosing bathroom ark, be sure to choose to suit oneself the home bathroom cabinet size carefully, the bathroom ark after installation to make whole toilet space decoration coordination, and convenient and practical. Many consumers want to know what size of bathroom ark, below we will introduce you to what are the common bathroom cabinet size and summary of bathroom ark is a standard size. Know toilet bathroom ark to understand what are the common toilet bathroom cabinet size, then it must be understanding of bathroom ark have enough, at least for the toilet bathroom ark of categories to be clear. At present, the sanitary ware market of bathroom ark respectively according to the installation way, there are two common: wall-mountable bathroom cabinet and floor bathroom ark. And size of bathroom ark is the same lens ark is included in the bathroom ark, so the bathroom ark whether install lens ark is also the main factors influencing the size of bathroom ark. Bathroom cabinet standard size analysis according to market survey, at present, the market normal general bathroom cabinet in 80 - the ark of the Lord of height - 85厘米( Contains the height of the basin that wash a face) In between. Most of the standard size of bathroom ark is the most common is long ( In general, including lens ark) For 800 mm to 1000 mm, width ( Wall is apart from) As: 450 mm to 500 mm. Actually bathroom cabinet size directly to the factory customized, can also according to the actual demand for finished product of bathroom ark, its basic about the same size, height, in particular, the bathroom ark width size is more abundant, such as a super small toilet, so can only put the basin, and there's a wall porcelain basin, not only beautiful, but do not take a place, about 500 mm long. Size in addition to the commonly used several kinds of bathroom ark, there are 1200 mm long, some add edge ark style, its length can be even up to 1600 mm. How about bathroom ark installation size? Installation of bathroom ark, so for installation of bathroom cabinet size is one of the major principles, that is the height is adjusted according to the owner, generally speaking, from the ground to the basin of the upper edge height from 80 to 85 cm. That is to say, the bathroom ark general installation size is: the surface of the cabinet is the distance from the ground 80 cm to 85 cm, the specific actual size, with people standing in front of the bathroom ark, head in the middle of the mirror is the best. And general installation in the main lens ark cabinet position, between each side indentation 50 ~ 100 mm, height 250 cm. Sure you want to the size of bathroom ark, so the last remaining work is to install bathroom cabinet, for installation of bathroom ark are interested in friends can be found in this site of bathroom ark installation steps is introduced in detail. About what are the common bathroom cabinet size and bathroom cabinet standard size we will introduce you to the overview of Appollo, hope will be helpful to you. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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